Treasury portfolio

Supplementary Budget Estimates 2009-10 (October 2009)

Treasury portfolio

Responses to questions taken on notice at the Supplementary Budget Estimates hearings were due on Friday 11 December 2009 - standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Answers to Questions on Notice





Date Answered View
SBT-1 Xenophon Treasury Infrastructure funding for school 18 December 2009 (PDF 11KB)
SBT-2 Xenophon ACCC 'Water Trading Rules Position Paper' 3 February 2010 (PDF 10KB)
SBT-3 Payne Treasury First Home Saver Accounts 27 November 2009 (PDF 12KB)
SBT-4 Payne Treasury Residential Mortgage-backed Securities (RMBS) purchase by AOFM 29 January 2010 (PDF 18KB)
SBT-5 Payne Treasury First Home Owners Grant Boost 10 December 2009 (PDF 11KB)
SBT-6 Parry ATO Tax returns 19 January 2010 (PDF 25KB
SBT-7 Parry ATO Deceased estates 19 January 2010 (PDF 32KB)
SBT-8 Heffernan Treasury Division 7A (Income Tax Assessment Act) 19 November 2009 (PDF 13KB)
SBT-9 Siewert ASIC Genetic testing and life insurance 3 February 2010 (PDF 36KB)
SBT-10 Siewert ABS Research regarding social security recipients 19 November 2009 (PDF 6KB)
SBT-11 Siewert Treasury Australian Institute of Population Ageing Research 24 November 2009 (PDF 7KB)
SBT-12 Coonan Treasury Register of Foreign Borrowings 25 January 2010 (PDF 13KB)
SBT-13 Abetz Treasury Ozcar - Motorhome dealers 9 December 2009 (PDF 6KB)
SBT-14 Bushby Treasury Register of Foreign Borrowings #2 25 January 2010 (PDF 10KB
SBT-15 Bushby Treasury Economic stimulus - Fiscal Policy estimates 9 December 2009 (PDF 12KB)
SBT-16 Bushby Treasury Economic stimulus - Treasury analysis - consideration of policy options 9 December 2009 (PDF 9KB)
SBT-17 Abetz ASIC ABC Learning 18 December 2009 (PDF 10KB)
SBT-18 Bushby ASIC ASIC fees and charges - reference to BET-169 18 December 2009 (PDF 14KB)
SBT-19 Bushby ASIC Corporations Act - Section 945A 18 December 2009 (PDF 13KB)
SBT-20 Bushby ASIC Class Order Relief 18 December 2009 (PDF 13KB)
SBT-21 Bushby ASIC Class Order Relief #2 18 December 2009 (PDF 16KB)
SBT-22 Bushby ASIC Complaints against ASIC 4 February 2010 PDF 12KB)
SBT-23 Joyce Treasury ETS - process of issuing permits 24 November 2009 (PDF 18KB)
SBT-24 Eggleston Treasury Superannuation fund fees on retrenchment 25 January 2010 (PDF 16KB)
SBT-25 Joyce Treasury Allocation of aggregate state debt 26 November 2009 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-26 Joyce Treasury Repayment of state debt 9 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-27 Joyce Treasury Netting debt/HECS debt 18 December 2009 (PDF 18KB)
SBT-28 Joyce Treasury Extension of debt 9 December 2009 (PDF 6KB)
SBT-29 Coonan Treasury Modelling for wholesale electricity prices 18 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-30 Coonan Treasury Electricity power demand 18 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-31 Xenophon Treasury Electricity power demand #2 18 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-32 Xenophon Treasury Frontier  model 18 December 2009 (PDF 9KB)
SBT-33 Xenophon Treasury Frontier modelling 29 January 2010 (PDF 17KB)
SBT-34 Ludlam Treasury Clean coal 18 December 2009 (PDF 12KB)
SBT-35 Bushby Treasury Building the education revolution - computers in schools 25 January 2010 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-36 Bushby Treasury COAG infrastructure projects 4 February 2010 (PDF 13KB)
SBT-37 Xenophon Treasury Frontier Economics modelling 18 December 2009 (PDF 6KB)
SBT-38 Abetz Treasury Luxury car tax 14 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-39 Bushby ATO BAS lodgements 19 January 2010 (PDF 42KB)
SBT-40 Bushby ATO ATO call centres - average FTE 19 January 2010 (PDF 63KB)
SBT-41 Joyce ATO GST revenue 14 December 2009 (PDF 10KB)
SBT-42 Bushby Treasury Self-managed superannuation fund review 25 November 2009 (PDF 12KB)
SBT-43 Bushby Treasury Clearing House discussion paper 25 November 2009 (PDF 13KB)
SBT-44 Bushby Treasury Tax relief merging super funds review 9 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-45 Bushby Treasury Concessional cap limit 25 November 2009 (PDF 11KB)
SBT-46 Ludlam Treasury Costs of future carbon capture and storage 18 December 2009 (PDF 11KB)
SBT-47 Bushby ATO ATO call centres - complaints 19 January 2010 (PDF 41KB)
SBT-48 Bushby ATO Temporary residents superannuation 19 January 2010 (PDF 25KB
SBT-49 Bushby ATO Temporary residents - $1.5 Million 19 January 2010 (PDF 55KB)
SBT-50 Joyce Treasury The Gorgon Project 25 January 2010 (PDF 11KB
SBT-51 Bushby Treasury Default funds for superannuation guarantee contributions 9 December 2009 (PDF 6KB)
SBT-52 Bushby ATO Self-managed superannuation funds 19 January 2010 (PDF 23KB)
SBT-53 Bushby Treasury Changes to superannuation preservation age 26 November 2009 (PDF 7KB)
SBT-54 Bushby Treasury Current share market of banks 18 December 2009 (PDF 9KB)
SBT-55 Bushby Treasury Fee and commission income for banks 18 December 2009 (PDF 12KB)
SBT-56 Bushby Treasury Short selling 18 December 2009 (PDF 9KB)
SBT-57 Joyce Treasury FIRB applications from state owned enterprises 14 December 2009 (PDF 7KB)
SBT-58 Cameron Treasury China as a market economy 14 December 2009 (PDF 7KB)
SBT-59 Joyce Treasury Dealings with China 27 January 2010 (PDF 10KB)
SBT-60 Eggleston Treasury Sovereign wealth 25 January 2010 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-61 Ludlam Treasury Organisation of economic co-operation and development 18 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)
SBT-62 Ludlam Treasury Mining industry 18 December 2009 (PDF 14KB)
SBT-63 Ludlam Treasury Foreign investment in Australia 25 January 2010 (PDF 10KB)
SBT-64 Bushby APRA Australia's superannuation funds - loss and gains 9 December 2009 (PDF 49KB)
SBT-65 Bushby APRA International prudential regulators 18 December 2009 (PDF 9KB)
SBT-66 Cameron APRA Executive salaries 18 December 2009 (PDF 11KB)
SBT-67 Eggleston APRA Fees charged on retrenchment 18 December 2009 (PDF 10KB)
Attachment (PDF 19KB)
SBT-68 Abetz ACCC ACCC regional directors 18 December 2009 (PDF 11KB)
SBT-69 Bushby AOFM Yields on bonds and notes 20 November 2009 (PDF 539KB)
SBT-70 Joyce ABS Definition of 'Youth' 25 January 2010 (PDF 7KB)
SBT-71 Cameron PC List of commissioned studies 18 December 2009 (PDF 20KB)
SBT-72 Cameron PC Structure of the Productivity Commission - economists 18 December 2009 (PDF 85KB)
SBT-73 Bushby Treasury/DoFD Operation Sunlight 18 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)

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