Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Supplementary Budget Estimates 2009-10 (October 2009)

Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Responses to questions taken on notice at the Supplementary Budget Estimates hearings were due on Friday 11 December 2009 - standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Answers to Questions on Notice





Date Answered View
SR-1 Ludlam RET CRMWA/Radioactive waste 17 December 2009 (PDF 12KB)
SR-2 Ludlam RET Northern Land Council/Muckaty Land Trust 17 December 2009 (PDF 11KB)
SR-3 Ludlam RET Uranium exports to China 17 December 2009 (PDF 20KB)
SR-4 Joyce RET Chinese government interest in uranium mines in Australia 17 December 2009 (PDF 12KB)
SR-5 Ludlam RET LETDF projects 17 December 2009 (PDF 10KB)
SR-6 Siewert RET Kimberley West Atlas oil spill OH & S 17 December 2009 (PDF 10KB)
SR-7 Siewert RET Kimberley West Atlas oil spill flow rates 21 December 2009 (PDF 10KB)
SR-8 Siewert RET Incident contingency planning 17 December 2009 (PDF 10KB)
SR-9 Minchin RET Feed-in tariffs work program 17 December 2009 (PDF 19KB)
SR-10 Abetz Geoscience Australia Middleton and Elizabeth reefs/islands 17 December 2009 (PDF 23KB)
SR-11 Eggleston Tourism Australia Tourism arrivals and departures 17 December 2009 (PDF 10KB)
SR-12 Joyce RET Tourism programs 17 December 2009 (PDF 31KB)
SR-13 Ronaldson RET Direct-source contract 17 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)
SR-14 Birmingham Tourism Australia 'No Leave No Life' KPI's 17 December 2009 (PDF 19KB)
SR-15 Macdonald RET Solar Flagships program 17 December 2009 (PDF 8KB)

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