Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Budget Estimates 2008-09 (June 2008)

Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Index to Questions on Notice (PDF 125KB)

Responses to questions taken on notice at the budget estimates hearings were due on Friday 1 August 2008 -
standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Answers to Questions on Notice

QoN Senator Topic View
BR-1 Fierravanti-Wells Appointments and programs (PDF 13KB)
BR-2 Cormann Crude oil excise


BR-3 Cormann Historical crude oil price comparison (PDF 9KB)
BR-4 Cormann Pluto gas project (PDF 9KB)
BR-5 Cormann Petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) (PDF 9KB)
BR-6 Joyce Shale oil

(PDF 15KB)

BR-7 Joyce Petrol and diesel price comparisons - pre-tax (PDF 115KB)
BR-8 Joyce Parity price transport component on indigenous oil (PDF 11KB)
BR-9 Johnston Opposition briefing on flow-through shares (PDF 9KB)
BR-10 Milne Radioactive waste management

(PDF 12KB)

BR-11 Milne Radioactive waste management (PDF 9KB)
BR-12 Milne Australian Uranium Association report (PDF 13KB)
BR-13 Johnston Otway Basin project (PDF 8KB)
BR-14 Johnston Advice from the Petroleum Refining and Retail Section to the Minister on Fuelwatch


BR-15 Milne Petroleum exploration (PDF 9KB)
BR-16 Macdonald Regional tourism projects (PDF 14KB)
BR-17 Macdonald Regional tourism projects (PDF 12KB)
BR-18 Macdonald Consultations with tourism operators

(PDF 31KB)

BR-19 Birmingham Business Events Australia (PDF 9KB)
BR-20 Eggleston Tourism market profile - Korea (PDF 10KB)
BR-21 Bushby Impact of efficiency dividend (PDF 9KB)
BR-22 Bushby Passenger movement charge, passport and visa costs

(PDF 13KB)

BR-23 Birmingham No Leave, No Life program (PDF 12KB)
BR-24 Birmingham Spending on domestic tourism marketing (PDF 9KB)
BR-25 Birmingham Joint marketing exercises with state tourism organisations (PDF 8KB)
BR-26 Birmingham Joint tourism marketing exercises with states

(PDF 10KB)

BR-27 Birmingham Results of advertising campaign (PDF 8KB)
BR-28 Macdonald Tourism Australia Board (PDF 13KB)
    Attachment 1:  Media Release 08/051 - Tourism Australia Board Appointees Announced (PDF 50KB)
BR-29 Macdonald Increasing visitor numbers

(PDF 11KB)

BR-30 Birmingham China and India markets - visitor profiles (PDF 12KB)
BR-31 Macdonald Regional tourism projects and World Tourism Organisation membership (PDF 8KB)
BR-32 Macdonald Regional tourism projects - funding guidelines (PDF 13KB)

Tabled documents and letters of correction/clarification

Tabled document no. 2:  Key facts - tourism (latest data as at May 2008)
(tabled by Ms Jane Madden, Head of Division, Tourism Division, Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism
on Monday 2 June 2008)
(PDF 95KB)
Tabled document no. 3:  Information about regional tourism initiatives through the Australian Tourism Development Program
(tabled by Mr Wayne Calder, General Manager, Business Development Group, Tourism Division, Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism on Monday 2 June 2008)
(PDF 49KB)
No letters of correction/clarification relating to the Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio have been received by the committee.  

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