Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Additional Budget Estimates 2011-12 (February 2012)

Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Responses to questions taken on notice at the Additional Budget Estimates hearings are due on Thursday 29 March 2012 - standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Index to Questions on Notice - (PDF 222KB)

Answers to Questions on Notice

Q No. Senator Agency Broad Topic Date Received View
AR1 Bushby RET Global CCS Institute - funding 29/03/2012 (PDF 73KB)
AR2 Bushby RET Global CCS Institute - Financial Report 29/03/2012 (PDF 7KB)
Attachment (PDF 416KB)
AR3 Bushby RET Global CCS Institute - Board Membership 29/03/2012 (PDF 8KB)
AR4 Bushby RET Solar Flagships - forward estimates 29/03/2012 (PDF 13KB)
AR5 Milne RET Solar Flagships - solar thermal and solar photovoltaic 29/03/2012 (PDF 7KB)
AR6 Waters RET Departmental conflict of interest processes 29/03/2012 (PDF 20KB)
Attachment A (PDF 217KB)
Attachment B (PDF 57KB)
Attachment C (PDF 161KB)
AR7 Cameron RET Training and Skills in the Mining Industry 29/03/2012 (PDF 18KB)
AR8 Bushby RET / TA Tourism Budget and Impact of Public Sector Cuts 29/03/2012 (PDF 13KB)
AR9 Bushby RET Tourism Industry 29/03/2012 (PDF 27KB)
AR10 Bushby RET / TA Tourism - labour, skills, budget and marketing 29/03/2012 (PDF 22KB)
AR11 Siewert RET 2012 Oil & Gas Acreage Shortlist 29/03/2012 (PDF 21KB)
AR12 Brown RET Mining Economics 29/03/2012 (PDF 12KB)

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