Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Additional Estimates 2008-09 (February 2009)

Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Index to Questions on Notice (PDF 69KB)

Responses to questions taken on notice at the Additional Estimates hearings were due on Friday 17 April 2009 - standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Answers to Questions on Notice





AR-1 Humphries DRET Number of SES positions (PDF 10KB)
AR-2 Bushby DRET ETS and Victorian power stations and WA domestic gas prices (PDF 7KB)
AR-3 Bushby DRET Uranium (PDF 20KB)
AR-4 Bushby DRET Oil and gas (PDF 18KB)
AR-5 Ronaldson DRET Tourism Division staffing (PDF 5KB)
AR-6 Ronaldson DRET Tourism and the global financial crisis (PDF 5KB)
AR-7 Ronaldson DRET National Tourism Incident Response Plan (NTIRP) (PDF 7KB)
AR-8 Ronaldson DRET Tourism Industry Accreditation Scheme (PDF 12KB)
AR-9 Ronaldson DRET NTIRP activation for global financial crisis (PDF 7KB)
AR-10 Ronaldson DRET NTIRP review and recommendations (PDF 17KB)
AR-11 Ronaldson/
DRET NTIRP activation levels (PDF 16KB)
AR-12 Ronaldson DRET National Tourism Crisis Response Plan - 2003 criteria (PDF 11KB)
AR-13 Ronaldson Tourism Australia Tourism forecasts for China (PDF 5KB)
AR-14 Birmingham Tourism Australia Budget for Business Events Australia (PDF 6KB)
AR-15 Joyce DRET Australia's iron ore exports (PDF 5KB)
AR-16 Joyce DRET Australia's iron ore exports (PDF 34KB)
AR-17 Joyce DRET Rio Tinto coal exports (PDF 5KB)
AR-18 Milne DRET Renewable energy (PDF 8KB)
AR-19 Milne DRET Expenditure on carbon capture and storage (PDF 16KB)
AR-20 Bushby DRET Austrade discussions (PDF 5KB)
AR-21 Bushby DRET ZeroGen (PDF 5KB)
AR-22 Bushby DRET Mr Nick Otter's overseas travel expenditure for the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (PDF 10KB)
AR-23 Bushby DRET Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (PDF 8KB)
AR-24 Johnston DRET ZeroGen (PDF 4KB)

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