Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Additional Estimates 2007-08 (February 2008)

Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio

Index to Questions on Notice (PDF 54KB)

Responses to questions taken on notice at the additional estimates hearings were due on Friday 11 April 2008 -
standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Answers to Questions on Notice

QoN Senator Topic View
AR-1 Minchin Appointments; Grants; Requests to the Department of Finance (PDF 19KB)
AR-2 Milne Fossil fuel subsidies

(PDF 21KB)

AR-3 Milne Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act (CRWMA)
Muckaty and the Northern Land Council
(PDF 21KB)
AR-4 Nettle Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act 2005 (PDF 13KB)
AR-5 Joyce Ethanol Production Grants Program (PDF 13KB)
AR-6 Johnston Royalty rate for uranium in South Australia (PDF 14KB)
AR-7 Johnston Fees relating to petroleum leases (PDF 23KB)
AR-8 Johnston Petroleum activity within Australia (PDF 16KB)
AR-9 Johnston Assistance from ABARE (PDF 15KB)
AR-10 Eggleston Strategic reserve policy for gas supplies (PDF 18KB)
AR-11 Johnston Infrastructure bottlenecks in resources and energy (PDF 25KB)

Tabled documents and letters of correction/clarification

No documents were tabled during the consideration of the Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio and no letters of correction/clarification have been received by the committee.

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