Climate Change and Energy Efficiency portfolio

Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - (May 2011)

Climate Change and Energy Efficiency portfolio

Index of questions on notice


Index of questions on notice 

Monday, 23 May 2011 (PDF 444KB)

Tabled documents



Senator Abetz, copy of the new National Carbon Offset Standard logo (PDF 182KB)
Senator Cameron, copy of a paper from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences,
Fate of Mountain Glaciers in the Anthropocene
(PDF 881KB)

Answers to questions on notice    

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency


Answers to general questions that cross all departmental outcomes/programs qons 74-101 (PDF 1208KB)
qons 102-126, 188 (PDF 1410KB)
qon112 attachment (PDF 207KB)
Outcome 1: Reduction of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions including by promoting energy efficiency, adaptation to the impacts of climate change, and negotiation of an effective global solution, through the development and implementation of a national response to climate change; and bilateral, regional and multilateral engagement internationally
Program 1.1: Reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions (PDF 2056KB)
qon 18 attachment (PDF 64192KB)
Program 1.2: Improving Australia's Energy Efficiency (PDF 1261KB)
Program 1.3: Adapting to Climate Change (PDF 1041KB)
Program 1.4: Helping to shape a global climate change solution (PDF 3517KB)
Low Carbon Australia Limited (PDF 618KB)
Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (PDF 1003KB)

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