Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Key issues

2.1        At the 2018–19 Additional Budget estimates hearings, the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee (committee) considered matters relating to the expenditure and operations of the Australian Government for the Health Portfolio and Social Services Portfolio (including the Department of Human Services). 

2.2        The key issues considered by the committee during the hearings are reported in this chapter. All key issues reported include references to the Committee Hansard, which provides a verbatim record of the evidence received by the committee.

Health Portfolio hearing—20 February 2019

Whole of portfolio / Corporate matters

Outcome 6: Ageing and Aged Care

Outcome 1: Health System Policy, Design and Innovation

Outcome 2: Health Access and Support Services

Program 2.1: Mental Health

Program 2.3: Health Workforce

Program 2.4: Preventative Health and Chronic Disease Support

Program 2.5: Primary Health Care Quality and Coordination

Program 2.7: Hospital Services

Outcome 3: Sport and Recreation

Outcome 4: Individual Health Benefits

Outcome 5: Regulation, Safety and Protection

Social Services Portfolio hearing—21 February 2019

Whole of portfolio / Corporate matters

Outcome 1: Social Security

Outcome 2: Families and communities

Outcome 3: Disability and Carers

Outcome 4: Housing

Department of Human Services—21 February 2019

Senator Lucy Gichuhi

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