Chapter 5 - Armoured Fighting Vehicles Facilities Program - Stage 2

  1. Armoured Fighting Vehicles Facilities Program - Stage 2

Department of Defence

5.1The Department of Defence (Defence) sought approval from the Committee to proceed with the proposed Armoured Fighting Vehicles Facilities Program – Stage 2.

5.2The estimated cost of delivery of the project is $176.1 million (excluding GST).[1] The project was referred to the Committee on 3 August 2023.

5.3Following referral, the inquiry was publicised on the Committee’s website. The Committee received one submission, and one confidential submission regarding the project’s costs from Defence.

5.4On 28 September 2023, Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Marles announced key changes to the Australian Defence Force’s units and equipment locations which had an impact on this project.

5.5At the request of Defence the Committee’s scheduled hearings on 4 October 2023 for the Armoured Fighting Vehicles project were cancelled.

5.6On the advice of Defence that the project will not be going ahead in its current form, the Committee has concluded its inquiry and makes this report with no recommendation regarding the proposed works.

Mr Graham PerrettMP



[1]Defence, Submission 1, p. 13.