Report 492 Governance in the Stewardship of Public Resources

April 2022

© Commonwealth of Australia 2022
ISBN: 978-1-76092-418-8

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Terms of Reference

List of Recommendations

1. Introduction

  About the inquiry
  Report outline
  Governance in the stewardship of public resources
  Conduct of the inquiry

2. Digital Continuity Policy Implementation

  Chapter overview
  Background and audit findings
  NAA and digital policy
  Commonwealth entities and digital policy—implementation and performance reporting
  Committee comment

3. Management of Defence Housing Australia

  Chapter overview
  Background and audit findings
  Service agreements—performance reporting
  Service delivery—effectiveness and efficiency
  Procurement—value for money and conflict of interest declarations
  Role of the DHA Board—managing risk
  Finance review of GBE guidelines
  Committee comment

4. CSIRO Property Investment Strategy Implementation

  Chapter overview
  Background and audit findings
  Measurement of property footprint
  Governance arrangements
  Perth Precinct Project
  Committee comment

5. Procurement of Strategic Water Entitlements

  Chapter overview
  Background and audit findings
  Implementing the recommendations
  Identifying and informing decision-makers
  Consistent application of approved policies, planning and guidance
  Managing conflicts of interest
  Maximising value for money
  Evaluation strategies
  Committee comment

6. 'Leppington Triangle' Purchase

  Chapter overview
  Background and audit findings
  Implementation of audit recommendations
  Land acquisition strategy
  Land valuation
  Advice to decision makers
  ANAO financial statements audit and resultant performance audit
  Other investigations and reviews
  Committee comment

A. Submissions

B. Public Hearings

Additional comments

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