Report 442

Inquiry into the 2012-13 Defence Materiel Organisation Major Projects Report

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Preliminary pages
Foreword, Membership of the Committee, List of abbreviations, List of recommendations
(PDF 142KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction
Background, Role of the Committee, Conduct of the review, Correction
(PDF 77KB)
Chapter 2: Major Projects Report 2013-13
Introduction, Major Projects reviewed in 2012-13, ANAO's review, Summary of ANAO findings, Cost performance, Schedule performance, Capability performance, Governance and business processes.
(PDF 140KB)
Chapter 3: The Committee's Review
Introduction, Cost performance, Line of sight with the budget papers and expenditure reporting, Out-turned budgeting, Contingency, Sustainment spending, Committee comment, Schedule performance, Committee comment, Capability peformance, Capability forecasts, Project maturity scores, Committee comment, Governance and business processes, Committee comment, Other matters, Scrutiny of 'super-sized' Major Projects, Committee comment
(PDF 621KB)
Chapter 4: Guidelines for 2013-14 Major Projects Report
Introduction, Changes to Guidelines, New projects and exiting projects, Project selection, Project exit criteria, Reporting on prjects post MPR, Committee comment
(PDF 112KB)
Appendix A: Submissions (PDF 29KB)
Appendix B: Public Hearings (PDF 44KB)

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