List of recommendations

Recommendation 1

The Committee recommends that the Australian Government engage proactively with the Palestinian-Australian community, and with Australian organisations that are providing or are likely to provide humanitarian aid or other assistance to people in Gaza; to disseminate guidance and promote an accurate understanding of the legal scope of, and policy limits on, offences arising from the listing of Hamas under the Criminal Code.

Recommendation 2

The Committee recommends that, within 12 months of tabling this report, relevant Government agencies brief the Committee on the impact of the listing of Hamas, particularly in relation to humanitarian assistance, engagement with the Palestinian diaspora in Australia, and other governmental activities relating to Gaza.
The Committee notes that it also proposes to seek briefings from relevant non-government organisations as part of its monitoring in this regard, particularly in relation to engagements at the community level between people and organisations in Australia and Gaza.

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About this inquiry

Section 102.1A of the Criminal Code Act 1995 provides that the Committee may review a regulation which lists an organisation as a terrorist organisation under that Act, and report its comments and recommendations to each House of the Parliament before the end of the 15 sitting days’ disallowance period. This inquiry reviews regulations listing eight organisations.