Appendix 1

Deferred legislation

3.1        The committee has deferred its consideration of the following legislation for the reporting period:

  • Autonomous Sanctions (Designated Persons and Entities – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) Amendment List 2017  [F2017L00637];
  • Autonomous Sanctions (Designated Persons and Entities and Declared Persons – Ukraine) Amendment List 2017 [F2017L00675];
  • Foreign Evidence (Certificate to Adduce Foreign Government Material - Prescribed Form) 2015 [F2017L00643];
  • Migration Amendment (Validation of Decisions) Bill 2017;
  • Social Security (Tables for the Assessment of Work-related Impairment for Disability Support Pension) Amendment Determination 2017 [F2017L00659];
  • Social Services Legislation Amendment (Better Targeting Student Payments) Bill 2017;
  • Social Services Legislation Amendment (Welfare Reform) Bill 2017; and
  • Treasury Laws Amendment (Agricultural Lending Data) Regulations 2017 [F2017L00706].

3.2        The committee continues to defer its consideration of the following legislation:

  • Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Requirements for Australian Citizenship and Other Measures) Bill 2017; and
  • Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Reform) Bill 2017.

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