Submissions received by the Committee

1. Belconnen Amnesty International Action Group (PDF 430KB)

2. Digby Habel (PDF 30KB)

3. Committee on Racial Equality (PDF 127KB)

4. Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (PDF 331KB)

5. Concerned Australians (PDF 686KB)

6. Whitehorse Friends for Reconciliation Inc (PDF 465KB)

7. Australian Lawyers Alliance (PDF 369KB) (Appendix 1 489KB) (Appendix 2 1314KB) (Appendix 3 237KB)

8. Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF 111KB)

9. Indigenous Issues Committee of the Law Society of NSW (PDF 3226KB)

10. Dr Shelley Bielefeld (PDF 102KB) (Appendix 1 377KB)

11. Gedda Fortey (PDF 56KB)

12. Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) & Northern Territory Council of Social Service (NTCOSS) (PDF 284KB) (Appendix 1 649KB)

13. Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning (PDF 451KB) (Appendix 1 938KB)

14. National Welfare Rights Network (PDF 831KB) (Appendix 1 472KB)

15. UnitingJustice Australia (PDF 372KB)

16. The Institute of the Sisters of Mercy Australia & Papua New Guinea (PDF 598KB)

17. Josephite SA Reconciliation Circle (PDF 1001KB)

18. NSW Young Lawyers Human Rights Law Committee (PDF 243KB)

19. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner (PDF 156KB)

20. North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (PDF 659KB) (Appendix 1 1224KB) (Appendix 2 136KB)

21. Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (PDF 2279KB)

22. Aboriginal Peak Organisations of the NT (PDF 1176KB) (Appendix 1 482KB) (Appendix 2 4179KB)

23. Jonathon Crane (PDF 27KB)