Table of Contents

Fifteenth Report: Interim Report for the s.206(d) Inquiry - Proceedings of Conference on 12 March 1999

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Effectiveness of the National Native Title Tribunal – s.206(d)(i)

Chapter 3: State and Territory Legislation – s.206(d)(ii)

Chapter 4: Powers of Delegation Exercisable by the Registrar - s.206(d)(iii)

Chapter 5: Extent of Extinguishment - s.206(d)(iv)

Chapter 6: Operation of the (original) National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Fund s.206(d)(v)

Chapter 7: Land Management – s.206(d)(vi)

Chapter 8: The Operation of the ILC and the Land Fund - s.206(d)(vii)

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Appendix 1: Official Committee Hansard - Conference held on 12 March 1999 (PDF Format)

Appendix 2: Written Submissions