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Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of some of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat. Further submissions will be made available on this site as original paper copies are converted to electronic documents.

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No Received from
1 Northern Areas Council (PDF 16KB)
2 Hyndman, Mr Ian (PDF 9KB)
3 Nhulunbuy Corporation Limited (PDF 9KB)
4 Middap, Mrs Maxine (PDF 10KB)
5 Mackay Port Authority (PDF 9KB)
6 Bencke, Mr Rod (PDF 576KB)
7 Mulherin, M.P. Mr Tim (PDF 127KB)
8 Adelaide/Parafield Airports (PDF 266KB)
9 Dalby Wambo Aerodrome Board (PDF 176B)
10 Penfold M.P. Mrs Liz (PDF 350B)
11 Entsch, Mr Ronald H (PDF 584KB)
12 Code, Grahame & Lynda (PDF 5KB)
13 Shire of Plantagenet (PDF 10KB)
14 Shire of Glenelg (PDF 92KB)
15 Alternate Dwellings Pty Ltd (PDF 21KB)
16 District Council of Renmark Paringa (PDF 4KB)
17 Baulkham Hills Shire Council (PDF 102KB)
18 Blyth, Ms Kay (PDF 74KB)
19 Watson, Mr Lance (PDF 156KB)
20 Whyalla City Council (PDF 132KB)
21 King Island Gem (PDF 184KB)
22 District Council of Coober Pedy (PDF 2422KB)
23 The Parish of the Furneaux Islands (PDF 154KB)
24 Shire of Derby/West Kimberley (PDF 496KB)
25 Latrobe City (PDF 2142KB)
26 Mackay City Council (PDF 159KB)
27 Bland Shire Council (PDF 303KB)
28 Willis, J (PDF 594KB)
29 Humphries, Mr Geoff (PDF 214KB)
30 Smith, Mr Dick (PDF 170KB)
31 Wells, B W (PDF 170KB)
32 Lipski, Jadwiga & Wojciech (PDF 170KB)
33 Humphries, W (PDF 170KB)
34 Cohen, Mrs Barbara (PDF 1182KB)
35 Tasair Pty Ltd (PDF 442KB)
36 Flinders Island Adventures (PDF 295KB)
37 City of Albury (PDF 1295KB)
38 Deniliquin Council (PDF 217KB)
39 Dubbo City Council (PDF 234KB)
40 Walker, Mr Gerard (PDF 212KB)
41 Bushby, Mrs Jane (PDF 133KB)
42 Bredereck, Mr Paul (PDF 627KB)
43 Shrubb, D G (PDF 427KB)
44 Owens-Brownbill, Mr P James (PDF KB)
45 Woodward, Mr Peter W (PDF KB)
46 Shire of Warwick (PDF KB)
47 Regional Chamber of Commerce (PDF KB)
48 Eurobodalla Shire Council (PDF KB)
49 Newcastle Airport (PDF KB)
50 Flinders Red Travel (PDF KB)
51 Country Womens Association of New South Wales (PDF KB)
52 Yallaroi Shire Council (PDF KB)
53 Wave Watcher Holiday Units (PDF KB)
54 Bryson, Ms Fran (PDF KB)
55 Wheatley, Alan & Margaret (PDF KB)
56 Shannon Coastal Cottages (PDF KB)
57 E M Bowman & Co. Pty Ltd (PDF KB)
58 Nugent, J B & P M (PDF KB)
59 Flinders Island Quality Meats (PDF 72KB)
60 Kempsey & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.(PDF 427KB)
61 Bega Valley Shire (PDF KB)
62 CEO Collegiate Pty Ltd (PDF KB)
63 Toowoomba City Council (PDF KB)
64 Ipswich City Council (PDF KB)
65 Edge Aviation (Aust) (PDF KB)
66 Cobham, Mr Marc (PDF KB)
67 Reilly, M J
68 Bankstown City Council (PDF KB)
69 District Council of Grant (PDF KB)
70 Australian Airports Association (PDF KB)
71 Hunter Business Chamber (PDF KB)
72 Bathurst City Council (PDF KB)
73 Partridge Farm (PDF KB)
74 Leeton Shire Council and Narrandera Shire Council (PDF KB)
75 Shire of Greenough (PDF KB)
76 Macair Airlines Pty Ltd (PDF KB)
77 Burdekin Shire Council (PDF KB)
78 Rees, Mr Paul (PDF KB)
79 Northern Tasmanian Regional Development Board Ltd (PDF KB)
80 Scone Shire Council (PDF KB)
81 Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) (PDF KB)
82 Launceston Chamber of Commerce (PDF KB)
83 Kangaroo Island Council (PDF KB)
84 Lismore City Council (PDF KB)
85 Basair Australia (PDF KB)
86 Lake Macquarie City Council (PDF KB)
87 Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (PDF KB)
88 Forbes Shire Council (PDF KB)
89 Fairfield City Council (PDF KB)
90 Cowra City Council (PDF KB)
91 Mildura Rural City Council (PDF KB)
92 East Gippsland Shire Council (PDF KB)
93 Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) (PDF KB)
94 Air Link Pty Ltd (PDF KB)
95 Tamworth City Council (PDF KB)
96 Bundaberg City Council (PDF KB)
97 Napier MHA, Hon Sue Liberal member for Bass (Tas)(PDF KB)
98 Cocos (Keeling) Islands Shire Council (PDF KB)
99 Champions of the Bush (PDF KB)
100 Cox, L J & C D (PDF KB)
101 Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment (PDF KB)
102 Airnorth Regional (PDF KB)
103 Lees, Mr Jason (PDF KB)
104 Lees, Jan & Ady (PDF KB)
105 Henwood, Mrs Olga (PDF KB)
106 Henwood, Ms Frances (PDF KB)
107 Snowy River Shire Council (PDF KB)
108 Australian Local Government Association (PDF KB)
109 Local Government Association of NSW (PDF KB)
110 Flinders Council (PDF KB)
111 Western Sydney Alliance (PDF KB)
112 Southern Grampians Shire Council, City of Warrnambool and Moyne Shire Council (PDF KB)
113 Local Government Association of Tasmania (PDF KB)
114 Allison, Judy (PDF KB)
115 Wilson, Robyn (PDF KB)
116 Regional Express (PDF KB)
117 Bean, Andrew (PDF KB)
118 McKenzie, Bruce & Pat (PDF KB)
119 Airservices Australia (PDF KB)
120 Fraser Coast Development Council (PDF KB)
121 Rockhampton City Council (PDF KB)
122 Gunnedah Shire Council (PDF KB)
123 Maryborough City Council (PDF KB)
124 City of Bunbury (PDF KB)
125 Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce (PDF KB)
126 Wellington Shire Council (PDF 167 KB)
127 Flinders Island Tourism Association (PDF 565 KB)
128 Gordon WDA, Mr Robert J (PDF 144 KB)
130 Katherine Town Council (PDF 138 KB)
131 Newcastle City Council (PDF 393 KB)
132 King Island Council (PDF 1407 KB)
133 Hunter Economic Development Corporation (PDF 160 KB)
134 Canberra International Airport (PDF 355 KB)
135 Australian Customs Service (PDF 774KB)
136 Furneaux Enterprise Centre (PDF 267 KB)
137 Parkes Shire Council (PDF 79 KB)
138 Orange City Council (PDF 720 KB)
139 National Farmers Federation Submission (PDF 2,092KB) Attachments (PDF 235KB)
140 South East Australian Transport Strategy Inc (PDF 917 KB)
141 Coffs Harbour City Council (PDF 624 KB)
142 Tourism Council Tasmania (PDF 471 KB)
143 The Administration of Norfolk Island (PDF 150 KB)
144 Cabonne Council(PDF 93 KB)
145 Boyes, Ms Joan (PDF 35KB)
146 Qantas Airways Ltd (PDF 827KB)
147 Barcaldine and Blackall Shire Councils (PDF 277 KB)
148 South Australian Government (PDF 204KB)
149 Cradle Coast Authority (PDF 2331 KB)
150 Department for Planning and Infrastructure, Western Australia Submission (PDF 74KB) Map 1 (PDF 338KB) Map 2 (PDF 340KB)
151 New South Wales Government (PDF 822 KB)
152 Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF 346 KB)
153 Queensland Government (PDF 2765 KB)
154 Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia (AFFA) (PDF 56KB)
155 Tasmanian Government (PDF 1691 KB)
156 Foulkes, Mr Stephen (PDF 514 KB)
157 Hastings Council (PDF 167 KB)
158 Sydney Airports Corporation Limited (PDF 1479 KB)
159 Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources (PDF 4850 KB)
160 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 2656 KB)
161 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia (PDF 2231 KB)
162 Kempsey Shire Council (PDF 1045 KB)
163 Great Barrier Reef Airport Hamilton Island (PDF 1,267 KB)
164 Kangaroo Island Development Board (PDF 1,420KB)
165 Flinders Island Tourism Association [supplementary submission to no 127] (PDF 2,854KB)
166 Brohier, Mr Peter (PDF 1,081KB)
167 Civil Aviation Safety Authority (PDF 428KB)
168 City of Ballarat (PDF KB)
169 Kangaroo Island Regional Plantation Committee (PDF 883KB)
170 Cape York Helicopters (PDF 981KB)
171 Kangaroo Island Ferry Services Pty Ltd (PDF 1,550KB)
172 Northern Areas Council [supplementary submission to no 1](PDF 359KB)
173 District Council of Le Hunte (PDF 1,096KB)
174 Qantas Airways Ltd [supplementary submission to no 146] (PDF 588KB)
175 Integrity Aircraft [supplementary submission to no 19] (PDF 103KB)
176 Sydney Airports Corporation [supplementary submission to no 158] (PDF KB)
177 Ipswich City Council [supplementary submission to no 64] (PDF 1,390KB)
178 Brohier, Mr Peter [supplementary submission to no 166] (PDF 234KB)
179 NSW Farmers' Association (PDF 1,687KB)
180 Clark, Mr Neil Jameson (PDF 2,755KB)
181 District Council of Elliston (PDF 1,102KB)
182 Virgin Blue (PDF 317KB)
183 Qantas Airways Ltd [supplementary submission to no 146 and 174] (PDF 261KB)
184 Inverell Shire Council (PDF 838KB)
185 Loipune Cooperative (PDF 290KB)
186 Hervey Bay City Council (PDF 1,214KB)
187 Legislative Assembly Norfolk Island (PDF 542KB)
188 SeaLink Kangaroo Island (PDF 3,934KB)
189 Tiwi Islands Local Government (PDF 951KB)
190 Nguiu Ullintjinni Association Inc. (PDF 698KB)
191 Rees, Mr Paul [supplementary submission to no 78] (PDF 2,715KB)

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