House of Representatives Committees

Selection Committee

Committee establishment, role and history

The Selection Committee is appointed under standing order 222 (PDF 736KB, page 10) to:

  1. arrange the timetable and order of committee and delegation business and private Members’ business for each sitting Monday (in accordance with standing orders 39 and 41 PDF 736KB, page 5 and standing order 40, PDF 369KB, pages 28);
  2. select bills that the committee regards as controversial or as requiring further consultation or debate for referral to the relevant standing or joint committee (in accordance with standing order 143, PDF 736KB, page 7); and
  3. set speaking times for second reading debates subject to standing order 1 (PDF 736KB, page 1).

Previous committees

In the Forty-second Parliament, a meeting of whips undertook the selection of committee and delegation business and private Members' business, while in the Forty-first Parliament, a Selection Committee performed this function. A full list of reports tabled by the Committee and its predecessors is available online together with reports completed since 2004.

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