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House Select Commitee on Aboriginal Education

Inquiry into Aboriginal education


On 26 November 1985, the Select Committee on Aboriginal Education tabled its report entitled Aboriginal Education.

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This report is available in two parts to reduce download size.
If you have difficulty accessing the report, please contact the Committee Office.

This report is comprised of preliminary pages, 16 chapters, 2 dissents and 5 appendices.

Aboriginal Education

Part A: Preliminary pages up to Chapter 7 (PDF 6717KB)
Committee Membership, Contents, Summary and Recommendations, Conduct of the Inquiry

Ch1: The context of Aboriginal education

Ch2: Aboriginal educational needs
Ch3: Co-ordination and funding
Ch4: Aboriginal self-determination and education
Ch5: Early childhood and pre-school education
Ch6: Primary schooling
Ch7: Bilingual/bicultural education

Part B: Chapter 8 to Appendix 5 (end) (PDF 6241KB)

Ch8: Homeland centres education
Ch9: Secondary schooling
Ch10: Aboriginal independent schools
Ch11: Post-schooling
Ch12: Technical and further education
Ch13: Aboriginal Studies
Ch14: Aboriginal teachers and teaching assistanrs
Ch15: Recruitment and training of non-Aboriginal teachers
Ch16: Conclusions
Dissent by Mr R.F Shipton MP and the Hon. P.A.E Everingham MP
Dissent by Mr I.M.D Cameron MP

Appendix 1: Witnesses
Appendix 2: Persons and organisations who made submissions to the inquiry but did not appear at public hearings

Appendix 3: List of Exhibits
Appendix 4: Committee visits- Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Select Committee on Aboriginal Education
Appendix 5: National Aboriginal Education Committee Rationale, Aims and Objectives in Aboriginal Education

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