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Joint Standing Committee of Public Accounts

Inquiry into income maintenance programs


On 1 December 1983, the Joint Standing Committee of Public Accounts tabled its report entitled 213th Report: Income maintenance programs.

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This report is available in three parts to reduce download size.
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213th Report: Income maintenance programs

Part A: Volume 1 - A Discussion Paper (PDF 3101KB)

Ch1: Introduction

Ch2: The Goal of Social Welfare Administration
Ch3: Departments Oriented Towards Need
Ch4: Departments Oriented Towards Need
Ch5: Departments Oriented Towards Compensation
Ch6: Departments Oriented Towards Opportunity
Ch7: General Findings and Conclusions of the Inquiry
Appendix A: Charts Presenting a Summary of Income Maintenance
Appendix B: Bibliography on Income Maintenance Programs

Part B: Volume 2 - Program Descriptions Chapter 1 to Chapter 8 (PDF 7068KB)

Ch1: Introduction
Ch2: Department of Social Security
Ch3: Department of Social Security - Family Programs, Special Benefit and Unemployment Benefit
Ch4: Department of Social Security - Pensions
Ch5: Department of Social Security - Compensation Programs
Ch6: Department of Social Security - Accommodation and Housing Programs
Ch7: Department of Social Security - Grants to Organisations
Ch8: Department of Social Security - Children's Services

Part C: Chapter 9 to Appendix B (end) (PDF 8013KB)
Ch9: Department of Health
Ch10: Department of Aboriginal Affairs
Ch11: Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs
Ch12: Department of the Capital Territory (now Territories and Local Government)
Ch13: Department of Veteran's Affairs
Ch14: Department of Veteran's Affairs (cont)
Ch15: Department of Defence
Ch16: Department of Administrative Services
Ch17: Department of Employment and Industrial Relations
Ch18: Department of Employment and Industrial Relations (cont)
Ch19: Department of Education (now Education and Youth Affairs)
Appendix Survey Questionnaire
Appendix B: Actual Expenditure on Income Maintenance Programs by Departments 1981/82


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