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Aboriginal legal aid


On 27 August 1980, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs tabled its report entitled Aboriginal legal aid.

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This report is available in two parts to reduce download size.
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This report is comprised of preliminary pages, 18 chapters and 24 appendices.

Aboriginal legal aid

Part A: Preliminary pages up to Chapter 11 (PDF 9670KB)
Committee Membership, Contents, Recommendations

Ch1: Introduction

Ch2: The special needs of Aboriginals for legal aid
Ch3: Statistics
Ch4: Development of the Aboriginal Legal Service
Ch5: Why a Separate Aboriginal Legal Service?
Ch6: Aboriginals and the criminal law
Ch7: Aboriginal children and the law
Ch8: Aboriginal-Police relations
Ch9: Aboriginals and the civil law
Ch10: Aboriginal customary law and legal aid
Ch11: Aboriginals and welfare - the role of the Aboriginal Legal Services

Part B: Chapter 12 to Appendix 24 (end) (PDF 8511KB)

Ch12: Community legal education
Ch13: Alternative legal services
Ch14: Community participation in the delivery of Aboriginal legal aid
Ch15: Aboriginal Legal Service staff and training
Ch16: Funding
Ch17: National co-ordination
Ch18: Government policy on Aboriginal legal aid

Appendix 1: List of Witnesses
Appendix 2: Review of operations of the Aboriginal legal services in New South Wales, terms of reference
Appendix 3: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, capital cities and State/Territory balances
                 (1976 National Census of Population and Housing and projection to June 1980)
Appendix 4: Population of non-metropolitan Aboriginal communities, second half of 1978
Appendix 5: New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research 'Aboriginal' towns survey
Appendix 6: Aboriginal legal services' boundaries and offices
Appendix 7: Aboriginal Jegal services' staff, May 1980
Appendix 8: Table of grants made to and amounts requested by Aboriginal legal services, 1972-73 to 1979-80
Appendix 9: Criminal charges, N.S.W., 1975 and 1978
    Table 1. Appearances in 'Aboriginal' towns, 1978
    Table 2. Sex of drunkenness offenders by area, 1975 and 197S
Appendix 10: Charges proceeded with and decided in Magistrates' Courts, W.A., December 1973 to 1976
    Table 1. Charges resulting in imprisonment
    Table 2. Total charges
Appendix 11: Cases iinalised by the Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service by nature of matter, 1973 to mid-1979
Appendix 12: Penalties for drunkenness by area, N.S.W., 1978
Appendix 13: Prisoners in gaol on the night of 30 June 1977, W.A.
Appendix 14: Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals in prison, major offences, S.A., 30 June 1976
Appendix 15: Study of the Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service, 1973 to mid-1979
    Table 1. Number of cases for each client
    Table 2. Address and sex of clients
    Table 3. Age and sex of clients
Appendix 16: Circular Memorandum No. 13 of 1979, 'Interrogation of Suspect', Police Headquarters, Darwin, 15 May 1979
Appendix 17: Police Commissioner's Office Circular No. 354, 'Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement—Field Officers and Police Liaison Officers', Adelaide, 24 March 1975
Appendix 18: Australian Legal Aid Office, breakdown of applications approved, 1978-79
Appendix 19: Analysis of Commonwealth expenditure on Aboriginal legal aid, 1970-71 to1979-80
Appendix 20: Analysis of Aboriginal legal services' per capita expenditure, 1978-79
Appendix 21: Analysis of Aboriginal legal services' estimated cost per case, 1978-79
Appendix 22: The Aboriginal Legal Service Program
Appendix 23: Aboriginal Legal Services' Interim Charter
Appendix 24: Department of Aboriginal Affairs' staff numbers as at 30 June 1973-79

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