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On 20 May1980, the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence tabled its report on the entitled Zimbabwe.

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This report is available in three parts to reduce download size.
If you have difficulty accessing the report, please contact the Committee Office.

This report is comprised of preliminary pages, 13 chapters and 3 appendices.


Part A: Preliminary pages up to Chapter 5 (PDF 4857KB)
Terms of Reference, Committee Membership, Contents, Preface

Ch1: Overview and conclusions

Ch2: Zimbabwe- background
Ch3: Constitutional history 1898-1965
Ch4: From UDI to 1978

Ch5: The internal settlement and 1979 Constitution

Part B: Chapter 6 Endnotes to Chapter 9 (PDF 4568KB)
Ch6: The Lancaster House conference and 1980 elections
Ch7: Black nationalism in Zimbabwe
Ch8: The guerilla war
Ch9: Population, migration and refugees

Part C: Chapter 10 to Appendix 4 (end) (PDF 5126KB)
Ch10: The economy
Ch11: Land and economic development
Ch12: Sanctions
Ch13: Human rights and racial discrimination
Appendix 1: Elections in selected African countries and Australian diplomatic representation to April 1980
Appendix 2: Lusaka Declaration of the Commonwealth on Racism and Racial Prejudice
Appendix 3: Witnesses
Appendix 4: Written submissions

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