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Sixty-seventh Annual Report

On Wednesday, 10 March 2004, the Joint Standing Committee on Public Works tabled its Sixty-seventh Annual Report.

A copy of the individual chapters are provided in PDF.

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Sixty-seventh Annual Report

Front pages Contents, Membership of the Thirty-fourth Public Works Committee 2002-2003, List of Abbreviations (PDF 80KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 25KB)
Chapter 2 The Year in Review (PDF 31KB)
Chapter 3 Summary of Reports and Government Responses (PDF 154KB)
Chapter 4 Othe Activities (PDF 21KB)
Chapter 5 Issues (PDF 26KB)
Appendix A List of Inquiries (PDF 18KB)
Appendix B Committee Meetings and Hearings for the Year ended 31 Decemeber 2003 (PDF 21KB)

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