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This short report by the Procedure Committee is intended to highlight what the Committee detects as an emerging issue: the referral of bills to committees by the House Selection Committee. The marked increase in the number of bills being referred for inquiry and report is welcome in many ways but, as part of its ongoing inquiry into the procedural reforms, the Committee wished to collect as soon as possible information and comment about the impact of increased referrals. A more considered examination of the work of committees will be undertaken later in the year as part of the Committee’s ongoing inquiry.

The Procedure Committee seeks, as always, to assist the House in ensuring that its procedural framework is consistent with the needs of the House, its committees and Members.

Julie Owens MP


Membership of the Committee


Ms Julie Owens MP


Deputy Chair

Mr Russell Broadbent MP



Ms Sharon Bird MP

Mr Ewen Jones MP


Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP

Mr Sid Sidebottom MP


Mr Steve Irons MP


Committee Secretariat


Ms Catherine Cornish

Inquiry Secretary

Mr Justin Baker

Research Officer Ms Naomi Swann

Administrative Officer

Ms Penny Branson

Terms of reference

To monitor and report on procedural changes implemented in the House of Representatives in the 43rd Parliament.

List of recommendations

1 Referral of bills to committees by the House Selection Committee

Recommendation 1 (para 1.31)

The Committee recommends that standing order 222(a)(iii) be amended to remove the provision that one member of the Selection Committee is sufficient to select a bill for referral to a House or joint committee for advisory report—thereby requiring a majority decision of the Committee—and to require that the Committee provide reasons for the referral of bills to committees.

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