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Work in progress: Proceed with Caution

Inquiry into primary producer access to gene technology


The committee tabled its report Inquiry into primary producer access to gene technology - Work in Progress: Proceed with Caution in June 2000. A copy of the full report (PDF 542KB) or individual chapters and other sections of the report are available in pdf or from Government Info Shops
(Cat. no. 0003618).

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Recommendations (PDF 21KB)

List of submissions  

Transcripts of public hearings

27/07/99 Perth
13/08/99 Melbourne
30/08/99 Canberra
20/09/99 Canberra
29/09/99 Canberra
18/10/99 Canberra
08/03/00 Canberra
15/03/00 Canberra
05/04/00 Canberra

Media releases

Government Response: Tabled 27 March 2001 (PDF 1,762KB)

Table of contents of report: Work in Progress: Proceed with Caution

Membership of the committee (PDF 45KB)

Terms of reference (PDF 45KB)

List of Abbreviations (PDF 45KB)

List of Recommendations (PDF 45KB)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 22KB)

Chapter 2: Benefits and risks of gene technology in agriculture (PDF 75KB)

Chapter 3: Understanding genetically modified organisms (PDF 56KB)

Chapter 4: The competitiveness of traditional crop (PDF 33KB)

Chapter 5: Research, development and commercialisation (PDF 100KB)

Chapter 6: Intellectual property (PDF 116KB)

Chapter 7: Regulation (PDF 107KB)

Dissenting Report (PDF 35KB) Peter Andren MP (Independent)

Appendix A (PDF 21KB) - List of submissions and exhibits

Appendix B (PDF 18KB) - List of public hearings, inspections and discussions

Appendix C (PDF 13KB) - Plant breeders' rights

Appendix D (PDF 15KB) - Risk categories of genetically modified organisms

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