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Review of the re-listing of Hizballah's External Security Organisation (ESO) as a terrorist organisation under the Criminal Code Act 1995

Section 102.1A of the Criminal Code Act 1995 provides that the Committee may review a regulation which lists an organisation as a terrorist organisation and report its comments and recommendations to each House of the Parliament before the end of the applicable disallowance period for that House. The disallowance period is 15 sittings days from the day when the regulation is tabled.

The Committee invites interested persons and organisations to make submissions addressing the terms of reference by Friday 22 June 2007. Please refer to our brochure called preparing a submission for more information.

In order to facilitate electronic publishing of submissions, the Committee would prefer them to be emailed to or sent on disk or CD-ROM to the Committee Secretariat in Microsoft Word® or Portable Document Format (PDF).


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The following information on Hizballah's External Security Organisation (ESO) was provided to the Committee by the Attorney-General, the Hon Philip Ruddock, MP. It is this material upon which the Committee will base its review of the re-listing.

Information on Hizballah's External Security Organisation (ESO) (PDF 301KB)

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