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Appendix A – The Inquiry


The inquiry into the Offshore Petroleum Amendment (Greenhouse Gas Storage) Bill 2008 was referred to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Primary Industries and Resources on 19 May 2008 by the Minister for Primary Industries and Resources, the Hon Martin Ferguson MP. A copy of the terms of reference is at page xi.


The committee’s inquiry was advertised in May 2008, inviting members of the public to make written submission for the committee’s consideration. Letters inviting submission were also sent to relevant Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers, government departments and major stakeholders. Information concerning the inquiry was also made available on the committee’s website.1


During the inquiry the committee received 32 submissions from a range of State agencies, stakeholders, environmental groups and individuals. A list of submissions received by the committee is at Appendix B.

1.4 The committee held 4 public hearings for the inquiry. These provided the committee with the opportunity to hear first hand a range of opinions on the proposed legislation. A list of the organisations and agencies who gave evidence to the committee is at Appendix D. The transcripts of evidence recorded from the public hearings, along with the submissions, are available on the committee’s website,

The committee also conducted an inspection of ExxonMobil’s ‘Snapper’ oil rig in the Gippsland Basin and the Longford gas plant on 8 July 2008.



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