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Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of some of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat. Further submissions will be made available on this site as original paper copies are converted to electronic documents.

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No Received from
1 Graeme Woolley (PDF 63KB)
2 Nadia Lozzi-Cuthbertson (PDF 119KB)
3 Ric Robinson (PDF 305KB)

Submission attachments are not available in electronic format, please contact the secretariat for copies.
4 Dr Colleen McCullough (PDF 276KB)
5 Confidential
6 Bruce Griffiths (PDF 227KB)
7 Supplementary Ric Robinson (PDF 239KB)
8 Confidential
9 Geoff Bennett (PDF 657KB)
10 Jan Nobbs (PDF 62KB)
11 R. J Ellicott QC (PDF 187KB)
12 Lisle Snell (PDF 84KB)
13 Departent of Transport and Regional Services
Submission 13 (PDF KB)
Attachment A B & C (PDF 1,206KB)
Attachment C(i) C(ii) & C(iii) (PDF 701KB)
Attachment D (PDF 217KB)
Attachment E(i) Draft Focus Report Part 1 to 3 (PDF 1,169KB)
Attachment E(i) Draft Focus Report Part 4 to 6 (PDF 714KB)
Attachment F & G (PDF 401KB)
14 Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 391KB)
15 Confidential
16 Bernie and Mary Christian Bailey (PDF 164KB)
17 William Blucher (PDF 72KB)
18 Hon Ivens Buffett MLA (PDF 1,145KB)
19 Department of Family and Community Services (PDF 713KB)
20 D J Morris (PDF 312KB)
21 Norfolk Island Public Service Association (PDF 61KB)
22 Bruce Griffiths (PDF 1,389KB)
23 Philippa Reeves (PDF 151KB)
24 Confidential
25 Confidential
26 Professor Maev OCollins (PDF 224KB)
27 Norfolk Island Government
Submission 27 (PDF 134KB)
Attachment A (PDF 19KB)
Attachment B (PDF 151KB)
Attachment C (PDF 9KB)
28 Confidential
29 Michael King (PDF 1,323KB)
30 Hon George Smith MLA (PDF 342KB)
31 Bill Sanders (PDF 128KB)
32 Hon Adrian Cook QC
Part 1 (PDF 2,361KB)
Part 2 (PDF 1,058KB)
Part 3 (PDF 1,169KB)
Part 4 (PDF 1,942KB)
Part 5 (PDF 2,615KB)
Part 6 (PDF 1,642KB)
Part 7 (PDF 1,417KB)
Part 8 (PDF 2,310KB)
Part 9 (PDF 2,153KB)
33 Confidential
34 Confidential
35 Peter Woodward (PDF 845KB)
36 Confidential
37 Attorney-General's Department (PDF 372KB)
38 Trevor Friend (PDF 71KB)
39 Administrative Review Council (PDF 215KB)
40 Katherine Adams-Friend (PDF 118KB)
41 Commonwealth Treasury (PDF 319KB)
42 Confidential
43 Confidential
44 Supplementary Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 382KB)
45 Supplementary Attorney-Generals Department (PDF 464KB)
46 Supplementary Attorney-Generals Department (PDF 110KB)
47 Confidential
48 Confidential

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