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2–5 August 2006

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September 2006


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Membership of the Committee
List of abbreviations
Chapter 1 Norfolk Island Visit Report


The Committee undertook its recent visit to Norfolk Island in order to renew its association with the Norfolk Island Government and to engage in discussions with the Norfolk Island community on matters of concern, particularly in light of foreshadowed changes to the Island’s governance arrangements.

It was a great pleasure to return to Norfolk Island, and the Committee expressed its gratitude for the warm welcome it received on Island and for the generosity of the Norfolk Island Government in its capacity as host. We believe that our visit did much to reinvigorate what the Committee views as an important relationship.

This Committee has always maintained a close interest in the affairs of Norfolk Island, and takes seriously its brief to oversight the governance and administration of Norfolk Island, for the benefit of the people of Norfolk Island and of the Commonwealth as a whole.

The Committee is conscious of the far reaching potential changes to the governance of Norfolk Island which are now being considered, and the challenges the community will necessarily face as a result. The discussions the Committee held with the Norfolk Island Government and Legislative Assembly, and with the wider community, did much to assure the Committee that the community will make a success of whatever changes are undertaken. We hope that this report, which examines matters raised during our recent visit, will provide some guidance to the Commonwealth Government on the current concerns and future needs of Norfolk Islanders.

Senator Ross Lightfoot



A number of people made significant contributions to the success of the Joint Standing Committee’s visit to Norfolk Island on 2–5 August.

The Committee wishes to thank the Administrator of Norfolk Island, the Hon  Grant  Tambling, his Official Secretary, Mr Owen Walsh, and their staff for their assistance in putting together the program and assisting to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

The Committee also wishes to thank the Chief Minister of Norfolk Island, the Hon  David  Buffett, and members of the Norfolk Island Government and Legislative Assembly for their time and assistance, and their positive and constructive comments during discussions.

The following people gave their time during the Committee’s tour of the Island:

Finally, the Committee wishes to thank those who by their hospitality or their contribution during discussions with the community made the visit both pleasant and a valuable means of renewing links with the people of Norfolk Island.

Membership of the Committee


Senator Ross Lightfoot


Deputy Chair

Senator Kate Lundy (from 29/03/06 )

Senator Trish Crossin (to 28/03/06 )



The Hon. Ian Causley MP

Senator Kim Carr (from 08/12/05 )


Ms Annette Ellis MP

Mrs Sophie Mirabella MP

Mr Paul Neville MP

Mr Patrick Secker MP

The Hon. Warren Snowdon MP

Senator John Hogg

Senator Barnaby Joyce (from 16/08/05 )

Senator Kate Lundy (from 10/08/05 )

Senator Kerry O’Brien (to 10/08/05 )

Senator Nigel Scullion (to 16/08/05 )

Senator Natasha Stott Despoja




Committee Secretariat


Mr Stephen Boyd

Inquiry Secretary

Dr Bill Pender

Research Officer

Mr Justin Baker

Administrative Officer

Ms Natasha Petrovic



List of abbreviations


Australian Bureau of Statistics


Commonwealth Grants Commission


Department of Transport and Regional Services


Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area


Norfolk Island Government


Norfolk Sustainability Levy



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