House of Representatives Committees

Joint Standing Committee on Migration

Deportation of Non-Citizen Criminals

Table of Contents

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Foreword (PDF format)

Acknowledgements (PDF format)

Committee membership (PDF format)

Terms of Reference (PDF format)

Abbreviations (PDF format)

Conclusions and Recommendations (PDF format)

Chapter One - The inquiry (PDF format)

Chapter Two - The existing deportation arrangements (PDF format)

Chapter Three - Review of deportation decisions (PDF format)

Chapter Four - The ten year rule (PDF format)

Chapter Five- Arrangements with state and territory governments (PDF format)

Chapter Six - Weighing parties' views on deportation (PDF format)

Chapter Seven - Removal of criminals (PDF format)

Chapter Eight - Adequacy of existing deportation arrangements (PDF format)

Appendix One - List of submissions (PDF format)

Appendix Two - List of witnesses at public hearings (PDF format)

Appendix Three - List of exhibits (PDF format)

Apendix Four - Relevant extracts of legislative provisions (PDF format)

Appendix Five - Australia's criminal deportation policy (PDF format)

Appendix Six - Australia's criminal deportation policy - draft (PDF format)

Appendix Seven - Glossary (PDF format)

Appendix Eight - Deportation of Australian citizens (PDF format)

Appendix Nine - Deportation and Australia's international law obligations (PDF format)


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