House of Representatives Committees

Terms of Reference

The Committee will inquire into the provisions of the draft Bill.

Specifically, the Committee will consider whether these provisions are drafted to implement the measures set out in the Government’s response to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Community Services inquiry into child custody arrangements in the event of family separation, titled Every Picture Tells a Story, namely to:

  1. encourage and assist parents to reach agreement on parenting arrangements after separation outside of the court system where appropriate
  2. promote the benefit to the child of both parents having a meaningful role in their lives
  3. recognise the need to protect children from family violence and abuse, and
  4. ensure that the court process is easier to navigate and less traumatic for the parties and children.

The Committee should not re-open discussions on policy issues such as the rejection of the proposal of 50/50 custody in favour of the approach of sharing of parental responsibility.

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