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Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat

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No. Received from
1 Mr Craig Minogue (PDF 338KB)
2 Mr Kenneth Leslie OAM (PDF 10KB)
3 Hon Robert Brokenshire MP (PDF 87KB)
4 NSW Justice Advocacy Centre (PDF 58KB)
4.1 NSW Justice Advocacy Centre (PDF 157KB)
5 Mr/Mrs T E Clements
6 Mr Rene Hidding MHA TAS (PDF 104KB)
7 Mr W H Crombie
8 Family Council of WA (PDF 985KB)
9 Confidential
10 Confidential
11 Mr/Ms W G Wheeler
12 Confidential
13 Confidential
14 Confidential
15 Confidential
16 Northcote Benevolent Society (PDF 105KB)
17 Arncliffe RSL and Community Club LTD (PDF 220KB)
18 Middle Australia (PDF 506KB)
19 Ms Rose Hylton (PDF 126KB)
20 J M Marshall (PDF 352KB)
21 National Council of Single Mothers and their Children Inc. (PDF 140KB)
22 Dr Michael King SM (PDF 139KB)
22.1 Dr Michael King SM (PDF 2249KB)
23 Institute for Restorative Justice and Penal Reform (PDF 63KB)
24 Logistics Pty Ltd (PDF 131KB)
24.1 Logistics Pty Ltd (Supplementary) (PDF 12,663KB)
25 Mr Kevin Byrne (PDF 103KB)
26 Neighbourhood Watch, O'Malley ACT (PDF 9KB)
27 Mr Phil Gunnell (PDF 4KB)
28 Mrs Margaret French (PDF 4KB)
29 Seventh-day Adventist Church (PDF 9KB)
30 Country Women's Association of NSW (PDF 39KB)
30.1 Country Women's Association of NSW (PDF 98KB)
31 Canterbury City Council (PDF 2879KB)
31.1 Canterbury City Council (PDF 290KB)
32 & 32.1 Confidential
33 Mr David Pain
34 Mrs Carmen Miller (PDF 109KB)
35 Confidential
36 Confidential
37 Mr Tom Volkofsky
38 The Police Association of Victoria (PDF 344KB)
39 Confidential
40 Confidential
41 Moreland City Council (PDF 457KB)
42 Law Council of Australia (PDF 6KB)
43 Fairfield City Chamber of Commerce Inc (PDF 45KB)
44 The Cabramatta Chamber of Commerce Inc (PDF 347KB)
45 Older Persons Action Group (PDF 26KB)
46 The Hon Bruce Baird MP (PDF 6KB)
47 The Hon Phillip Ruddock MP (PDF 6KB)
48 Ms Irene Lojszczyk (PDF 6KB)
49 Country Women's Association of Australia (PDF 109KB)
50 Mr Ivan Brown Stipendiary Magistrate (PDF 83KB)
51 Mrs G Horrigan
52 Sisters Inside (PDF 67KB)
53 Legal Aid Queensland (PDF 751KB)
54 Victoria Centres Against Assault Forum (PDF 89KB)
55 Mrs Joan Olson
56 Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) (PDF 1060KB)
57 Local Government Association of NSW (PDF 3657KB)
58 Police Federation of Australia (PDF 89KB)
59 Domestic Volience & Incest Resource Centre (PDF 89KB)
59.1 Domestic Volience & Incest Resource Centre (PDF 185KB)
60 Mrs Marianne Walker (PDF 62KB)
61 Inverell Shire Council (PDF 21KB)
62 City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder (PDF 9592KB)
63 Confidential
64 Australian Federal Police (PDF 1958KB)
65 Confidential
66 Ms Myshell Hyde
67 Confidential
68 City of Gosnells (PDF 35KB)
69 Crime and Misconduct Commission (PDF 532KB)
70 Australian Federal Police Associations (PDF 359KB)
71 Australian Hotels Association (PDF 2013KB)
72 Ravenswood Neighbourhood Watch
73 Victoria Police (PDF 35KB)
73.1 Victoria Police (Supplementary) (PDF 565KB)
74 Western Region Domestic Violence Collective (PDF 319KB)
75 and 75.1 Youth and Legal Service (Logan City) Inc (PDF 919KB)
76 Mr Ian Wilson
77 Families and Friends of Drug Law Reform (Act) (PDF 5386KB)
78 Western Australian Local Government Association (PDF 9KB)
79 Caboolture South Public Safety Project (PDF 18KB)
80 Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (PDF 2213KB)
81 Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA) (PDF 62KB)
82 Caxton Legal Centre (PDF 43KB)
83 Confidential
84 Department of Family and Community Services (PDF 1368KB)
85 Federation of Community Legal Centres' Services (PDF 17KB)
86 National Crime Authority (PDF 45KB)
86.1 National Crime Authority (Supplementary) (PDF 481KB)
87 Great Lakes Council (PDF 210KB)
88 Office of the Status of Women (PDF 131KB)
89 Ms Nellie Fennell (PDF 5KB)
90 Mr Nishat Mueller (PDF 6KB)
91 Gosford District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 496KB)
92 ACT Neighbourhood Watch (Association) (PDF 38KB)
93 Mr Anthony York (PDF 316KB)
93.1 Mr Anthony York (PDF 85KB)
94 Enough is Enough (PDF 222KB)
95 Justice Action (PDF 9KB)
96 Victims of Crime Assistance League Inc NSW (PDF 1236KB)
97 Family Drug Support (PDF 189KB)
98 Confidential
99 Mr Bob Bottom (PDF 25KB)
100 Queensland Government (PDF134 KB)
101 Law Society of South Australia (PDF359 KB)
102 Crime Prevention Officers' Forum (PDF15 KB)
103 South Australian Attorney-General's Department (PDF 123KB)
104 Mr Tim Priest (PDF 389KB)
105 Confidential
106 Mr Stephen Woods (PDF 200KB)
107 and 107.1 Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (PDF 200KB)
108 Mr Peter Martin (PDF 749KB)
Statement by Assistant Commissioner R J Waites (PDF 64KB)
109 Mr Glen McNamara (PDF 200KB)
109.1 Confidential
110 and 110.1 Mr Larry Cook (PDF 1899KB)
110.2 Mr Larry Cook (PDF 3390KB)
111 Confidential
111.1 Mr Gary Matlock (PDF 445KB)
112 Mr Richard McDonald (PDF 521KB)
113 Mrs Ruth Mackinnon
114 Confidential
115 Fairfield City Council (PDF 244KB)
116 Confidential
117 Confidential
118 and 118.1 Confidential
119 Confidential
120 Confidential
121 Mr James Ritchie (PDF 1032KB)
122, 122.1 and 122.2 Mr Michael McGann (PDF 4331KB)
122.3 Mr Michael McGann (PDF 1180KB)
122.4 Confidential
122.5 Mr Michael McGann (PDF 5836KB)
123 Mr Joe Lopez (PDF 147KB)
124 Attorney-General's Department Criminal Justice and Security Branch (PDF 364KB)
125 Mr Allan Godfrey (PDF 717KB)
126, 126.1 and 126.2 Mr Michael Kennedy (PDF 1936KB)
126.3 Confidential
127, 127.1 and 3 part attachment Mr Mark Fenlon Sub127 Sub127.1 Attachment Part A Attachment Part B Attachment C (PDF TOTAL APPROX 65100KB)
128 Domestic Violence Advocacy Service (PDF 364KB)
129 Confidential
130 Mr Edwin Chadbourne (PDF 1869KB)
131 Confidential
132 Confidential
133 to 133.4 Mr Duncan Kennedy (PDF 3153KB)
133.5 Mr Duncan Kennedy (PDF 1654KB)
133.6 Mr Duncan Kennedy (PDF 1962KB)
134 Mr Kevin Moran (PDF 2721KB)
135 Confidential
136 and 136.1 Mr Noel Sharp
137 Confidential
138 Ms Diane Timothy (PDF 55KB)
138.1 Ms Diane Timothy (PDF 55KB)
139 NSW Police (PDF 3577KB)
139.1 Confidential
140 Confidential
140.1 Confidential
141 141.1 141.2 141.3 141.4 Confidential
142 Mr Kevin Lindeberg (PDF 382KB)
142.1 Mr Kevin Lindeberg (PDF 254KB)
142.2 Mr Kevin Lindeberg (PDF 254KB)
142.3 Mr Kevin Lindeberg (PDF 226KB)
142.4 Mr Kevin Lindeberg (PDF 704KB)
143 Confidential
144 Mr Alan Stephens (PDF 382KB)
145 Confidential
146 Confidential
147 Confidential
148 Confidential
149 Mr H G Collis (PDF 1246KB)
150 Confidential
151 Confidential
152 Confidential
152.1 Confidential
152.2 Confidential
153 Confidential
154 Confidential
155 and 155.1 Confidential
156 Confidential
157 ATSIC Commissioner Kim Hill Northern Zone (PDF 428KB)
158 Mission Australia (PDF 212KB)
159 Confidential
160 Confidential
161 Northern Territory Police Force (PDF 8353KB)
162 Confidential
163 Confidential
164 Confidential
165 Confidential
166 Confidential
167 Confidential
168 Confidential
169 Mr Greg McMahon (PDF 489KB)
170 Confidential
171 Mr Bruce Grundy (PDF 489KB)
171.1 Mr Bruce Grundy (PDF 1688KB)
171.2 Mr Bruce Grundy (PDF 293KB)
172 Mr Des O'Neill (PDF 820KB)
173 Confidential
174 Confidential
175 Confidential
176 Confidential
177 Confidential
178 Confidential
179 Confidential
180 Confidential
181 Confidential
182 Mr J L Hayden (PDF 172KB)
183 Confidential
184 Mr Alastair MacAdam (PDF 257KB)
185 Confidential
186 Mr Noel Turner (PDF 4377KB)
187 Port Stephens Crime Forum Committee (PDF 347KB)

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