House of Representatives Committees


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of some of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat.

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No. Government
29 National Office of the Information Economy (PDF format)
(Commonwealth Department of Communications, IT and the Arts)
168 Senator the Hon. Peter Cook (PDF format)(Opposition - Shadow Minister for Trade)
170 Tasmanian State Government (PDF format)
222 Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
cover page (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
222.1 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - supplementary submission
235 NSW State Government
241 IP Australia (PDF format) (Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science and Resources)
242 Western Australia State Government (PDF format)
280 Queensland State Government (PDF format)
281 Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science and Resources (PDF format)
287 Commonwealth Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business (PDF format)
288 AUSTRADE (PDF format)
297 Attorney General's Department
covering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
303 Australian Government Solicitor (PDF format)
311 Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry Australia
cover page (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
311.1 Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry Australia - supplementary submission

No. Industry/NGOs/other groups
25 Seed Savers Network
40 Ardmona Foods Limited (PDF format)
41 Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (summary submission)
41.1 Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (PDF format) (full submission)
42 National Civic Council (Qld)
42.1 National Civic Council (Qld) (PDF format) - supplementary submission
52 WMC Limited
55 Economic Reform Australia (PDF format)
56 AUSTAND covering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
63 The Coastwatchers Association Inc. (PDF format)
65 Search Foundation
65.1 Search Foundation (PDF format) - supplementary submission
66 Australian Education Union (PDF format)
72 Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.
75 UnitingCare (PDF format)
77 Green Party of Aotearoa, New Zealand (PDF format)
79 Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Lawyerscovering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
80 Pork Council of Australia Limitedcovering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
86 Amnesty International Australia covering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
95 United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Branch)
95.1 United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Branch) - supplementary submission (PDF format)
102 K.M.Corke and Associates (PDF format)
116 APHEDA - Union Aid Abroadcovering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
124 International Trade Strategies Pty Ltdcovering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
124.1 International Trade Strategies Pty Ltdcovering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
125 The Woolmark Company (PDF format)
140 Public First (PDF format)
144 The Anti-Vivisection Union (SA) Inc.
148 Council for the National Interest
153 SeedWatch - Action for World Development
154 Agriculture and Food Group - Action for World Development
154.1 Agriculture and Food Group - supplementary submission
165 STOPMAI (WA) (PDF format)
169 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
179 Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)
184 Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) covering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
185 AMWU Retired Members Association (Qld)
187 Community Aid Abroad (PDF format)
189 Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Assoc.
208 Australian Wheat Board (AWB) (PDF format)
211 Screen Producers Association of Australia covering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
212 NSW Farmers' Association (PDF format)
214 Liberty Victoria (Vic Council for Civil Liberties) (PDF format)
221 Meat & Livestock Australia (PDF format)
223 National Farmers' Federation (NFF) (PDF format)
224 National Association of Forest Industries (NAFI) (PDF format)
225 Hastings Patriotic Society
231 Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
233 Australian Dairy Industry Council
234 Queensland Sugar
236 Cooloola Ratepayers & Residents Association
238 Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld
240 Australian Council for Civil Liberties (PDF format)
243 Adelaide Justice Coalition
244 Association of Women Educators
245 CAMAI (PDF format)
246 Victorian Farmers' Federation (PDF format)
248 United Nations Youth Association (PDF format)
251 Philips Fox Lawyers (PDF format)
253 Bathurst Justice Group (PDF format)
254 Albury Wodonga Environment Centre (PDF format)
256 Effem Foods Pty Ltd (PDF format)
261 Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population (AESD) (PDF format)
263 Citizens for a Democratic Society (PDF format)
264 Business Council of Australia (PDF format)
266 Union of Australian Women (Vic)
267 Movement for a Democratic Society
272 Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) (PDF format)
272.1 Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (PDF format) (supplementary submission)
273 National Civic Council (Sandringham Branch, Vic)
276 Busselton Peace & Environment Group
283 Law Council of Australia (PDF format)
286 International Womens' Development Agency (PDF format)
289 Australian Rail, Tram & Bus Industry Union (PDF format)
290 RSPCA Australia Inc. (PDF format)
292 CSR Ltd (PDF format)
296 National Civic Council (Nth Melbourne Branch) (PDF format)
299 wtowatch ACT (PDF format)
301 The Mineral Policy Institute
302 Australian Food and Grocery Council submission (PDF format)
attachment - AFGC membership (PDF format)
304 Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA) (PDF format)
305 Australian Institute of Steel Construction covernote (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
308 Australian Writers' Guild (PDF format)
309 Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (PDF format)
310 National Tertiary Education Union
314 Major Australian Textile Manufacturers

No. Research centres/academics
46 Dr Sali Jayne Bache, Centre for Maritime Policy, University of Wollongong
covering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
47 Ms Christine Morris, Australian Key Centre for Cultural & Media Policy, Griffith University
covering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
89 Dr Tim Anderson, (PDF format)Political Economy, University of Sydney
115 Dr Jane O'Sullivan, (PDF format)Land & Food Sciences, University of Queensland
117 Centre for the Practice of International Trade (PDF format) (University of Melbourne)
123 Dr Gary Scott, (PDF format) Institute of Geography, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
220 Australian Centre for Environmental Law (PDF format)(Australian National University)
249 Institute for Comparative and International Law (PDF format) (University of Melbourne)
285 Professor Mary Hiscock, (PDF format)Law School, Bond University
306 Mr Bill Carmichael (private citizen) and Professor Ron Duncan (PDF format) (Asia-Pacific School of Economics and Management, ANU
306.1 Mr Bill Carmichael (private citizen) and Professor Ron Duncan (PDF format) (Asia-Pacific School of Economics and Management, ANU (supplementary submission)
307 Mr Andrew Farran (former academic) (PDF format)

No. Individuals
1 Mrs Marolyn Ghuyas (PDF format)
2 Mr Roger Cook
3 Mr John Garnys
4 Mr & Mrs Sierink
5 Ms Fiona Mckenzie
6 Mr Herbert Bolles
7 Mr Peter Evans (PDF format)
8 Mr Keith Ingram (PDF format)
9 Mr Mark Jones (PDF format)
10 Mr Frank Miller
11 Ms Kathy Watson (PDF format)
12 Ms Teri Merlyn (PDF format)
13 Ms Fiona Bryer (PDF format)
14 Mr Rolf Sorensen (PDF format)
15 Mr Eric Walker
16 Mr G Lloyd-Smith (PDF format)
17 Mr Jonathan Schultz (PDF format)
18 Ms Nilva Egana (PDF format)
19 Mr Glen Chittleborough (PDF format)
20 Mr Doug Luke (PDF format)
21 Mr Neil Young (PDF format)
22 Mr Simon Doonican (PDF format)
23 Mr DZ Knochs (PDF format)
24 Ms Michelle McGann
26 Mr Rohan Langford (PDF format)
27 Mr Arnold Ward
28 J Watson (PDF format)
30 Ms Madelyn Devlin (PDF format)
31 Concerned Australian
32 Mr Jeremy Lee (PDF format)
33 Ms Sally Newham (PDF format)
34 Mr Michael Mullerworth (PDF format)
35 Mr Neville Cowan (PDF format)
36 Mr/s Williams
37 Mr and Mrs De Meyrick
38 Ms Annette Hooper
39 Mr Ewan Kundun
43 Mr Scott Romain (PDF format)
44 Ms Louise Doran (PDF format)
45 Ms Nan Nicholson (PDF format)
48 Ms Suzanne Falls (PDF format)
49 Mr John Rayner (PDF format)
50 Mr Peter Myers (PDF format)
51 Mr Bill Edwards
53 Ms Jennifer Lanham
54 Mr Lee Nightingale
57 Miss Joan Shears
58 Mr Ian Scrase
59 Ms Margaret Clarke
60 Mr Colin Cook (PDF format)
61 Mr Robert Fox (PDF format)
62 Mr Ross Campbell (PDF format)
64 Mr Gavin Gee-Clough
67 Mr James Spence
68 Mr Alan Barton
69 Mr James Glamville
70 G.O. Gorman
71 Mr Duncan Dey
73 B.F.Godwin
74 Ms Lesley Claff (PDF format)
76 Mr Rick Calitz (PDF format)
78 Mr Greg Tangey (PDF format)
81 Mrs Barbara Treloar
82 Mr Edward Paterson
83 Mr Bruce Ingles
84 G.F. Gerrand
85 Mrs Winsome Rusterholtz
87 Mr Jack Attwood
88 Mr Martin Oliver
90 Mr Jamie Irvine
91 Mr Michael Engstrom
92 Ms Cassie McMahon
93 Mr Brett Ryan
94 Mrs L Bailey
96 Mr & Mrs Dyason
97 Mr Tom King
98 Mrs Martha Templeton Dillon
99 Mr Michael Collison
100 Mr Jon Croft
101 Ms Catherine Baker (PDF format)
103 Ms Audrey Halliday (PDF format)
104 Ms Anthea Packer (PDF format)
105 Mr Douglas Cooper
106 Mr Sam de Silva (PDF format)
107 Ms Anne Whittingham (PDF format)
108 Mr Daniel Berg (PDF format)
109 Ms Leva Gay (PDF format)
110 Mr Gerd Herrmann (PDF format)
111 Mr Gerhard Weissmann (PDF format)
112 Ms Lyn Amos (PDF format)
113 Ms Helen Stickley-Thompson (PDF format)
114 Ms Nicole Wood (PDF format)
118 Mr Keith Mounsher (PDF format)
119 Ms Alison deRoo (PDF format)
120 Mr Angus King (PDF format)
121 Mr Cromwell Hooper (PDF format)
122 Mr Peter Keogh (PDF format)
126 Mr Peter Harkness
127 Ms June Ayres
128 Mrs G D Douglas
129 D & M G Connolly
130 Ms Donella Peters
131 Mrs J E Milligan
132 Mr A Dykeman
133 Ms Anne-Marie Pike
134 Mr John Lennie
135 J K Crowther
136 R W Davey
137 E J Price
138 Ms Colleen Crowder
139 Mr Neil McDonald
141 Mr James Johnson
142 Mrs S Howard
143 Mrs C Stephenson
145 Ms Tina Lesses
146 Ms Eileen Kelly
147 Mr Charles Holub
149 Mr Albert Joy
150 Mr Steve Lloyd
151 Mr Rod Linger
152 Mrs Elanor Betteridge
155 Mr Hal Pritchard
156 Mr Nigel Porter
157 Mrs J Bourke
158 Mr Warren Bray
159 Mr Leo McManus
160 P B Forrest
161 Ms Annette Hooper
162 Mr Ian Clements
163 K Knaus
164 Mr Carl Bertelman
166 Ms Helen Daley (PDF format)
167 Mr Glen Santacaterina
171 R G Manuel
172 G C Manuel
173 Ms Helena Walsh
174 Ms Betty Cole
175 Mr Bob Chambers
176 W L Grant
177 Mr Philip Day
178 Mr Gareth Kimberley
180 M R Schutz
181 Mrs B Little
182 Mr Alan Birchley
183 Mr HJ Scholz
186 Ms Norma McNamara
188 Mr John Gittins
190 R W Lawler
191 Ms Birthe Warburg
192 Mr Robert MacDonald
193 W C Bethage
194 Sr Rose Mary Kinne
195 J O'Neill
196 Mr Graham Grant
197 Mr Harold Paterson
198 Dr Anil Singh
199 Mr Mark Shepherd
200 Mrs L Kolloway
201 Mr John Iggulden
202 Mr Dawn Leet
203 R Osmak
204 Mr Jared Pearson (PDF format)
205 Mr & Mrs Graeme Wicks (PDF format)
206 Mr Shane Elson (PDF format)
207 Mr & Mrs Stanley Thompson
209 Dr Conrad Lloyd-Smith
210 Mr Kevin O'Gorinan
213 Ms Bev Pattenden
215 Mr Robert Wrona (PDF format)
216 Ms Peggy Friedrichs (PDF format)
217 Ms Barbara Kimber (PDF format)
218 Mr Bill Bourne (PDF format)
219 Mr & Mrs Karl von Moeller (PDF format)
226 Mr Michael Mazur
227 Mr/Ms Mueller
228 Mr Cec Clark
229 Mrs Vera Raymer
230 Mr Don McNaught
232 Mr Harry Clark
237 Ms Glenys Bundy
239 M & G Keating
247 Ms Cherre Hawkins (PDF format)
250 Mr Paul Hamilton (PDF format)
252 Ms Terrie Templeton (PDF format)
255 Mr Andrew Gemmell (PDF format)
257 Mr Stan Stanfield (PDF format)
258 Professor David Shearman (PDF format)
259 Mr Peter Hinchley (PDF format)
260 Mr Dion Giles (PDF format)
262 Mr Donald Humphries (PDF format)
265 Mr Heinz-Henning Schneider
268 Mrs Patricia Webb
269 Mr Dan Matthews
270 Mr Edith Hart
271 Mr Desmond Hegerty
274 Mr Mark Hansen
275 Mr John Parkin
277 Ms Filomena Nichols
278 Ms Emma Brook
279 Mrs B M Harding
282 Mr Benjamin Cochrane covering letter (PDF format)
submission (PDF format)
284 Dr Ann Capling
291 I Wallis
294 Mr Hugh Seeds
295 R Stevenson
298 Mr Joel Dunn (PDF format)
300 V L Potter
312 O Claus
313 Mrs Norah Waller
316 Mr Troy Anderson (PDF format)

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