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Preliminary Pages

Membership of the Committee


Mr Kelvin Thomson MP


Deputy Chair

Senator Simon Birmingham



Mr Jamie Briggs MP

Senator David Fawcett


Mr Laurie Ferguson MP

Senator Scott Ludlam


Mr John Forrest MP

Senator the Hon Lisa Singh


Ms Sharon Grierson MP

Senator Dean Smith
(from 9/5/12)


Mr Harry Jenkins MP

Senator Matthew Thistlethwaite


Ms Kirsten Livermore MP

Senator the Hon Lin Thorp
(from 21/6/12)


Ms Melissa Parke MP

Senator Anne Urquhart
(until 21/6/12)


The Hon Dr Sharman Stone MP



Committee Secretariat



Russell Chafer
( from 9/7/12)

James Catchpole
( until 9/7/12)

Inquiry Secretary

Kevin Bodel

Senior Researcher

Dr Andrew Gaczol

Administrative Officers

Heidi Luschtinetz


Michaela Whyte

Resolution of Appointment


The Resolution of Appointment of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties allows it to inquire into and report on:

a)                  matters arising from treaties and related National Interest Analyses and proposed treaty actions and related Explanatory Statements presented or deemed to be presented to the Parliament;

b)                 any question relating to a treaty or other international instrument, whether or not negotiated to completion, referred to the committee by:

(i)                 either House of the Parliament, or

(ii)              a Minister; and

c)                  such other matters as may be referred to the committee by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and on such conditions as the Minister may prescribe.


List of recommendations


2     Previous Parliamentary initiatives to scrutinise the treaty making process

Recommendation 1

That prior to commencing negotiations for a new agreement, the Government table in Parliament a document setting out its priorities and objectives including the anticipated costs and benefits of the agreement.

3     Treaties Ratification Bill 2012

Recommendation 2

That the Treaties Ratification Bill 2012 not be passed by the House of Representatives or the Senate.


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