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Joint Select Committee on the Parliamentary Budget Office

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The Joint Select Committee will inquire into and report on:

(a)   the appropriate mandate for the Parliament Budget Office (PBO);
(b)   the nature of information needed to assist the Parliament in its consideration of matters related to the budget;
(c)   the role and adequacy of current institutions and processes in providing this information, and the areas in which additional support is required;
(d)   the scope for a PBO to fulfil its mandate in a cost-effective manner; and
(e)   bearing in mind these considerations, the most appropriate structure, resourcing and protocols for a PBO, including but not limited to:
  (i) the PBO’s functions and lines of accountability and oversight;
  (ii) the routine work expected of the PBO and the minimum reporting requirements;
  (iii) the protocols for members of parliament requesting non-routine work of the PBO, including the types of work and the rules for prioritising and carrying out these requests;
  (iv) the protocols around access to and disclosure of the PBO’s work and any confidentiality requirements;
  (v) the protocols around the PBO’s relationships with other institutions and processes, including government departments and agencies; and
  (vi) an appropriate level of staffing, appropriate qualifications for staff, and resources to allow the PBO to fulfil its mandate; and
(f)   in conducting its inquiry, the Committee may choose to consider the operation and effectiveness of similar offices in other parliamentary democracies and their relevance to Australian circumstances


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