House of Representatives Committees

| Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Local Government

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Appendix B – Hearings and witnesses

Wednesday 16 January 2013 – Sydney

Public hearing


              Prof Anne Twomey

              Prof George Williams

              Prof Alexander Jonathan Brown

Attorney-General’s Department

              Mr James Faulkner, General Counsel (Constitutional), Office of Constitutional Law

              Mr Jeff Murphy, Principal Legal Officer, Office of Constitutional Law

Australian Electoral Commission

              Ms Marie Neilson, Assistant Commissioner Elections

              Ms Gabrielle Paten, Director Electoral Policy and Reform

              Mr Tom Rogers, Deputy Commissioner

Australian Local Government Association

              Mr Adrian Beresford-Wylie, Chief Executive

              Mayor Troy Pickard, Vice President

              Mr John Pritchard, Executive Director, Policy and Research

              Cr Keith Rhoades, Vice President

Department of Premier and Cabinet, South Australian Government

              Mr Mick Petrovski, Director, Office for State/Local Government Relations

Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport

              Mrs Robyn Fleming, First Assistant Secretary, Local Government, Territories and Regional Programs

              Dr Matasha McConchie, Assistant Secretary, Local Government and Territories

Law Council of Australia

              Ms Maureen Peatman, Chair of Legal Practice Section

Local Government Association of Queensland

              Cr Margaret De Wit, President

              Mr Craig Johnstone, Media Executive

Local Government Association of South Australia

              Mr Chris Russell, Acting Chief Executive Officer,

              The Hon John Trainer, Vice-President

Victorian Local Governance Association

              Mr Toby Archer, Director, Policy

              Ms Maree McPherson, Chief Executive Officer


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