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Review of Auditor-General's Report No. 34 1997-98, New Submarine Project


The Committee tabled its report Review of Auditor-General's Report No. 34 1997-98, New Submarine Project on 11 June 1999 in the House of Representatives and the Senate . Copies of the contents of the report (individual chapters and other sections of the report) are available in PDF format or from the Committee Secretariat.

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Finance Minute/Government Response: The Finance Minute/Government response to the Committee's report was tabled on 10 May 2000.

Contents of report: Review of Auditor-General's Report No. 34 1997-98, New Submarine Project

Covering documents (PDF Format 22KB)

Chairman's Foreword
Table of contents of the report
Membership of the Committee
Membership of the Sectional Committee

Recommendations (PDF Format 5KB)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF Format 15KB) 

What this report is about
Structure of the report
Chapter 2: Contractor Performance Risk (PDF Format 15KB) 

Committee comments
Chapter 3: Commonwealth Indemnity (PDF Format 27KB) 

Committee comments
$2.4 million payment for insurance services
Committee comments
Chapter 4: Monitoring Project Progress (PDF Format 27KB) 

Contract Management and Control System
Claims audits
Committee comments
Chapter 5: Cost to Complete (PDF Format 28KB)

Contracted specifications
Committee comments
Chapter 6: ANAO Access to Records and Premises (PDF Format 26KB) 

Consultants engaged by ANAO
Committee comments
Chapter 7: Project Management and Risk Management (PDF Format 20KB) 

Committee comments
Chapter 8: Combat System Development (PDF Format 29KB) 

Committee comments
Chapter 9: Submarine Design Construction and Safety (PDF Format 29KB)

Overall performance
Submarine saftey
Hull integrity
Diesel engines
Committee comments
Chapter 10: Operational Capability (PDF Format 36KB) 

Committee comments
Other issues
Appendix I: Conduct of the JCPAA's review (PDF Format 12KB)
Appendix II: Duties of the Committee (PDF Format 10KB)
Appendix III: List of Abbreviations (PDF Format 5KB)
Appendix IV: List of Submissions (PDF Format 7KB)
Appendix V: List of Exhibits (PDF Format 7KB)
Appendix VI: Transcript of Evidence  

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