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Report 384

The Committee tabled its report Review of Coastwatch on
22 August 2001 in the House of Representatives and the Senate . Copies of the contents of the report (individual chapters and other sections of the report) are available in PDF format or from the Committee Secretariat.

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Finance Minute/Government Response: to date there has been no Finance Minute/Government response to the Committee's report.

Contents of report: Review of Coastwacth

Covering documents (PDF Format 61KB)

Chairman's Foreword
Membership of the Committee
Membership of the Sectional Committee
Duties of the Committee
Terms of reference
List of abbreviations
List of recommendations
Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF Format 157KB)
Chapter 2: The expectations of Coastwatch (PDF Format 90KB)
Chapter 3: Performance measurement and reporting (PDF Format 96KB)
Chapter 4: Relationship between Coastwatch and other entities (PDF Format 106KB)
Chapter 5: Coastwatch's use of resources (PDF Format 153KB)
Chapter 6: Current challenges for Coastwatch (PDF Format 156KB)
Chapter 7: The future for Coastwatch (PDF Format 117KB)
Appendix A: List of Submissions (PDF Format 42KB)
Appendix B: List of Exhibits (PDF Format 44KB)
Appendix C: Inspection visits to northern Australia (PDF Format 40KB)
Appendix D: Witnesses appearing at public hearings (PDF Format 49KB)
Appendix E: Article which appeared in About the House (PDF Format 48KB)
Dissenting: Dissenting Report (PDF Format 122KB)
Report (PDF Format 742KB)

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