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Appendix B – Committee expenses 2010-11

The Committee secretariat’s annual budget for staff remuneration and administrative costs forms part of the appropriation made to the Department of the House of Representatives.

Total expenses by the Committee’s secretariat for 2010-11 were approximately $527 420 (salaries and on-costs, including employer superannuation contributions).[1]

The Committee’s administrative expenses for 2010-11 totalled approximately $13 742. The breakdown of these expenses is:

n  $7195 on printing and publishing services;

n  $1116 on catering for meetings and hearings;

n  $2479 on flights, accommodation and incidental travel expenses for secretariat staff supporting Committee activities;[2]

n  $2207 on office supplies; and

n  $745 on other incidental expenses.

The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Committee receive an additional salary of 16 per cent and eight per cent respectively, of a Member’s basic salary in recognition of the responsibilities of their positions.[3] The amount of the allowance is determined by the Remuneration Tribunal and paid by the Department of the House of Representatives pursuant to the Remuneration and Allowances Act 1990. These amounts have not been included in the above figures (due to the separate financial administrative systems used).