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Of material value?

Increasing value-adding to Australian raw materials

The full report and separate parts of the report may be accessed by using the links below. These documents are in pdf format.
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Full report   (PDF 348 KB)

Individual chapters:

Front Pages   (PDF 55KB)

      Membership of the Committee
      Terms of reference
      List of abbreviations
      Executive summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction   (PDF 21KB)

      The need for an examination of value-adding in Australia
      What is value-adding?

Chapter 2 - The importance of raw materials processing in Australia   (PDF 83KB)

      The extent of raw materials processing in Australia
      Industry Performance
      Trade performance

Chapter 3 - International comparisons   (PDF 26KB)

      Output comparison
      Trend in output contributions
      Comparison of trade performance

Chapter 4 - Industry trends   (PDF 70KB)

      Value-adding in Australia's metal industries
      Agricultural, fishery and forestry industry value-adding

Chapter 5 - Factors underlying the success of value-adding activity   (PDF 40KB)

      Prospects for successful value-adding
      The benefits of encouraging increased value-adding in Australia

Chapter 6 - Encouragement of raw materials processing   (PDF 61KB)

      Conducive economic environment
      Microeconomic reform
      Sovereign risk
      Trade issues
      Research and development
      Labour and skill issues
      impediments to investment in raw materials processing
      Environmental issues
      Access to resources
      Impact of globalisation
      Regulatory issues

Chapter 7 - Conclusion   (PDF 19KB)

Appendix A - Conduct of the inquiry   (PDF 9KB)

Appendix B - List of submissions   (PDF 12KB)

Appendix C - List of exhibits   (PDF 15KB)

Appendix D - List of hearings & witnesses  (PDF 13KB)

Appendix E - Reports and studies into adding value to minerals   (PDF 12KB)

Appendix F - Australian non-energy minerals processing facilities commissioned, 1993-1999   (PDF 16KB)

Appendix G - Major minerals processing projects (November 1999)   (PDF 24KB)

Index   (PDF 8KB)

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