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Abbreviations (PDF format)

Executive Summary (PDF format)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF format)

     Definitional issues
     R&D and economic growth
     The rationale for government support of R&D
     The Australian science and technology system
     Summary of federal government R&D support programs
     Public policy changes in the past decade
     National Competition Policy
     The inquiry

Chapter 2 - The level of R&D undertaken (PDF format)

     Australia's R&D performance
     The fall in business expenditure on R&D since 1996-97
     The effect of policy changes on the level of R&D
     Will policy changes drive R&D offshore?
     Should R&D subsidies be repaid when firms move overseas?
     Loss of "critical mass" for R&D
     Sectoral research bodies
     The Energy Research and Development Corporation (ERDC)
     The Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) program
     Lack of adequate data

Chapter 3 - The type of R&D undertaken (PDF format)

     The role of basic research
     The effect of policy changes on the type of R&D
     Relevance of the R&D to industry
     Long-term and "public good" R&D
     A "stocktake" of long-term and public good R&D?
     Certain policy changes in public sector R&D
     External earnings targets
     Competitive neutrality
     Research infrastructure and equipment
     The need to retain "in-house" expertise
     Outsourcing and health research

Chapter 4 - R&D and the university sector (PDF format)

     Categories of research
     R&D funding
     Federal government funding
     Operating grants
     Competitive grants
     Funding of university research infrastructure
     Non-government sources of funding
     Relationship between industry and universities
     Formal linkage programs
     Strategic Partnerships with Industry Research and Training
     Research Centres
     Science and engineering

Chapter 5 - R&D investment - incentives and impediments (PDF format)

     The R&D tax concession
     Should the concession be increased?
     Administrative requirements and eligibility criteria
     The R&D Start program
     Competitive grants schemes - advantages and disadvantages
     Access to venture capital
     The Innovation Investment Fund
     Pooled Development Funds
     Capital gains tax

Chapter 6 - Some additional issues (PDF format)

     Qualifications of Australian managers and financiers
     Streamlined programs and advisory structures
     Long-term policy stability

Appendix 1 - List of submissions (PDF format)

Appendix 2 - List of exhibits (PDF format)

Appendix 3 - Witnesses at public hearings (PDF format)

Index (PDF format)


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