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| House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications

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Appendix B – List of Submissions

1            Ms Michelle Pini

2            Ms Susan Wiley

3            Crown Castle

4            Mr David Hordern and Mrs Robyn Hordern

5            Ms Suzie Stern

6            Mr Rob Godwin

7            Telecommunications Tower Committee Currumbin Valley

8            Ms Denise Hopley

9            Mr Ian Gray

10          Mr Adam Rees

11          Hobart City Council

12          Ms Jacqui Godwin

13          Ms Anna Castellano

14          Ms Helen Wainwright

15          Mr Mark Potts

16          Tower Action Group Inc.

17          Protect Point Walter Action Group

18          Mr Paul Birchall

19          Mrs Ruve Hohenlohe and Mr Lamoral Hohenlohe

20          Ms Helena Bury

21          Rivermouth Action Group Inc.

22          Mrs Carol and Mr Bob Parkinson

23          Mr Michael Dyson

24          Ms Sandra Betts

25          Mr Kevin Sims

26          Mrs Deborah Anker and Mr Robert Anker

27          EMR Australia Pty Ltd

28          Summer Hill Action Group

29          Residents Opposed to Optus Tower in Clunes

30          Mr Charles Goodridge and Mrs Patricia Goodridge

31          Mr Manfred Henze and Mrs Johanna Henze

32          Ms Sarah Rodman

33          Mr Ian Plowman

34          No Towers Near Schools

35          Mr Andrew Fraser MP, Queensland Parliament

36          Mr Guntis Kumpis and Mrs Olga Kumpis

37          Dr Jason Whitehead and Dr Fiona Taylor

38          Worried Householders Action Against Tower

39          Mr Markus Blaser

40          Ms Anne Tredenick

41          Mrs Denise Elwin and Mr Peter Elwin

42          Mrs Fiona Duyvestein and Mr Wayne Duyvestein

43          Optus

44          Mrs Jennifer Robertson and Mr Kevin Robertson

45          Pipe Networks Pty Ltd

46          Telstra Corporation Limited

47          Ms Sandra Boland

48          Mrs G. Staniford

49          Ms Birgit Richards

50          Mrs Rhonda Orso and Mr Peter Orso

51          Ballina Shire Council

52          Mr Tony Piccolo MP, South Australian Parliament

53          Dr Don Maisch

54          Mr Robert Tredenick

55          Communications Alliance Ltd

56          Ms Sharon Adlam

57          Ms Kristen Elliott

58          Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

59          Mr Glen Anderson

60          OMT Protest Group Inc.

61          Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

61.1       Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (SUPPLEMENTARY)

62          Dr John French

63          Ms Jennifer Patterson

64          Ms Anthea Hopkins

65          Mr Paul McVittie and Mrs Peta McVittie

66          Ms Celia Forrest

67          Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association

68          Vodafone Hutchison Australia

69          Councillor Peter Matic, Toowong Ward, Queensland

70          Western Australian Government

71          Mr Donald McKay and Mrs Barbara McKay

72          Ms Di Glynn

73          Mr John Williamson

74          Ms Elisabeth Fisher

75          Mrs Margaret Bolster AM

76          Australian Local Government Association

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