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Appendix C – Other documentary evidence

In addition to submissions and exhibits, a large volume of documentary evidence was submitted to the inquiry, principally from IMGs.

This evidence comprised:

1.      Provided by Dr Richard Lunz (Related to Submission No 22)

Correspondence between Dr Lunz and Australian Medical Association Victoria


2.      Provided by Dr Prashanta Mitra (Related to Submission No 30)

Correspondence to The Hon Bruce Scott MP; and Dr Prashanta's career summary


3.      Provided by Mr Ian Shaw (Related to Submission No 56)

Various pieces of correspondence; and Complaint files


4.      Confidential


5.      Provided by Dr Christoph Ahrens (Related to Submission No 66)

Various pieces of correspondence to Minister Roxon and letters of support for Dr Ahrens


6.      Confidential


7.      Confidential


8.      Provided by Name withheld (Related to Submission No 76)

Various pieces correspondence regarding past 5 years work to be counted towards 10 year moratorium


9.      Provided by Dr Ponraja Thuryrajah (Related to Submission No 102)

Various pieces of correspondence concerning registration; Examination results; and Performance Feedback



10.  Provided by Mayo Private Hospital (Related to Submission No 106)

Correspondence from and to College of Surgeons; and Curriculum Vitae for Dr Watters


11.  Provided by Dr Luma Al-bayati (Related to Submission No 125)

Various pieces of correspondence including Dr Al-bayati’s curriculum vitae; Letter from Department of Immigration; Certificate


12.  Provided by Dr Paramban Rateesh (Related to Submission No 24)

Various pieces of correspondence from the Medical Board of Australia to Dr Rateesh; Article: Opportunity Knocks; and Article: Keeping your finger on the pulse


13.  Provided by Queensland Health (Related to Submission No 126)

RAPTS Clinical Workforce Solutions "Orientation resource for International Medical Graduates" Dec 2010; District specific information; and Information Booklet


14.  Confidential


15.  Provided by Dr Bo Jin MD, PhD (Related to Submission No 26)

Various pieces of correspondence from RACP, Language Australia, ANZAC Institute and letters of support for Dr Jin


16.  Provided by Dr Christopher Butt

Example of Occupational English Test Qualitative Feedback report


17.  Provided by Group of Concerned Burra & District Residents

Lower North 10yr Local Health Service Plan 2010-19 & Policy for Credentialing and Defining the Scope for Medical and Dental Practitioners, Apr 2009


18.  Provided by Dr Azhar Ahmad (Related to Submission No 140)

Centre for Adult Education Statement of Results: Occupation English Test


19.  Confidential


20.  Provided by Association of Medical Recruiters Australia & New Zealand (Related to Submission No 139)

Appendix 1: Application for registration as a medical practitioner in Qld (General & special purpose registration); Appendix 2: Application for limited registration for an area of need as a Medical Practitioner (Medical Board of Australia); Appendix 3: Levels of Supervision; Appendix 4: Email from R Kymantas from the RACGP dated 18 March 2011; and Appendix 5: Email from Meredith Bickley from AHPRA dated 8 April 2011


21.  Confidential



22.  Provided by Dr Michael Galak (Related to Submission No 31)

Various pieces of correspondence regarding Dr Galak's Application for Specialist Registration dated May 2011


23.  Provided by Dr Sudheer Babu Duggirala (Related to Submission No 12)

Letter of support from RACGP for Dr Duggirala


24.  Provided by Mr Tony Crook MP

Documents tabled by Tony Crook MP to the House Committee on Health and Ageing: 22 August 2011


25.  Confidential


26.  Confidential


27.  Provided by Dr Leong-Fook Ng

Various pieces of correspondence regarding Dr Ng's registration


28.  Confidential


29.  Provided by Dr Salahuddin Chowdhury (Related to Submission No 178)

Registers of Practitioners reference material, certificates, and various pieces of correspondence


30.  Provided by Hunter New England Local Health District

Reference documents


31.  Confidential


32.  Provided by Dr Naftaly Zuker

Various pieces of correspondence containing Dr Zuker’s Curriculum Vitae; letter from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians & Gynaecology


33.  Provided by Mr Nasir Baig

Various pieces of correspondence from Centre of Adult Education


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