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Appendix A – List of Submissions & Other Evidence

1.                  Mr Shane Butler

2.                  Australian Medical Association

3.                  Master Grocers Australia

4.                  Mr Peter Loney

5.                  Mr Matthew Landau

6.                  APCO Service Stations Pty Ltd

7.                  National Association of Manufacturers

8.                  Mr John McGarry

9.                  Emergency Committee for American Trade

10.              National Foreign Trade Council Inc.

11.              G J Sandercock Pty Ltd

12.              Mr Lloyd Gaske

13.              Edens Landing News

14.              Mr Gilbert Belleli

15.              Marland

16.              Service Station Association Pty Ltd

17.              Scandinavian Tobacco Group Australia Pty Ltd

18.              Mr Graham Rodgers

19.              Alliance of Australian Retailers Pty Ltd

20.              National Association of Retail Grocers of Australia Pty Ltd

21.              The Benevolent Society

22.              The CTC Group

23.              Deakin University, La Trobe University, Monash University and The University of Melbourne

24.              Caltex Coober Pedy

25.              Mr Keith Spicer

26.              FREECHOICE Stores Tobacconist (Wendouree)

27.              Property Rights Alliance

28.              Cigarworld Australia

29.              Australasian Association of Convenience Stores

30.              The University of Melbourne

31.              Australian Retailers Association

32.              Brazilian Intellectual Property Association

33.              Government of Nicaragua

34.              Democracy Institute

35.              International Trademark Association

36.              United States Chamber of Commerce

37.              Cathy

38.              International Chamber of Commerce

39.              Australian Council on Smoking and Health

40.              SICPA Security Solutions

41.              Australian Newsagents’ Federation Ltd

42.              Amcor Limited

43.              TSG Franchise Management Pty Ltd

44.              Richland Express Pty Ltd

45.              Curtin University

46.              AIPPI Australia Inc

47.              NSW Government Department of Health & Cancer Institute NSW

48.              Action on Smoking and Health Australia

49.              The Pacific Cigar Company (Australia) Pty Ltd

50.              Cancer Council Australia, The National Heart Foundation, Quit Victoria

51.              Imperial Tobacco Australia Limited

52.              Confidential

53.              British American Tobacco Australia Limited

54.              Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

55.              European Cigar Manufacturers Association

56.              Government of Indonesia

57.              Convenience and Mixed Business Association Inc.

58.              Government of Mexico

59.              Mr Rod Finlayson

60.              Consumers Health Forum of Australia

61.              Australian National Preventive Health Agency

62.              Public Health Association of Australia

63.              Canadian Cancer Society


Other Evidence

Form Letter 1 provided by 404 submitters

Example of Form Letter 1:

Form Letter 2 provided by 267 submitters

Example of Form Letter 2:

Form Letter 3 provided by 308 submitters

Example of Form Letter 3:

Template Letter 1 provided by

Acacia Ridge News


FREECHOICE Stores (Calamvale)

FREECHOICE Stores (Inala)

Example Template Letter 1:

Template Letter 2 provided by

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (Western Australian Faculty)

Australian Medical Association (Western Australia)

SmokeCheck (University of Sydney)

National Heart Foundation of Australia

Mr Brendan Pearson

Heart Foundation (Western Australia)

Heart Foundation (Victoria)

Heart Foundation (Queensland)

Telethon Institute for Child Health Research

Cancer Council of (Western Australia)

Protecting Children from Tobacco Coalition

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Example of Template Letter 2:


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