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Road to recovery: Report on the inquiry into substance abuse in Australian communities

On Monday 8 September 2003, the Standing Committee on Family and Community Affairs tabled its report into the Inquiry into substance abuse in Australian communities.

A copy of the entire report and the individual chapters are provided in PDF.

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Road to recovery: Report on the inquiry into substance abuse in Australian communities

Frontsection (including list of recommendations) (PDF 151KB)
Chapter 1 - The committee's inquiry (PDF 27KB)
Chapter 2 - Alcohol and drug harm in Australia
(Figure 2.1, see below)
(PDF 94KB)
Chapter 3 - Families and communities (PDF 208KB)
Chapter 4 - Health care (PDF 177KB)
Chapter 5 - Alcohol misuse: prevention and treatment
(Table 5.1, see below)
(PDF 143KB)
Chapter 6 - Tobacco: prevention and cessation (PDF 142KB)
Chapter 7 - Illicit drug use: prevention and treatment (PDF 298KB)
Chapter 8 - Crime, violence and law enforcement
(Figure 8.1, see below)
(PDF 270KB)
Chapter 9 - Road trauma (PDF 96KB)
Chapter 10 - Workplace safety and productivity (PDF 105KB)
Chapter 11 - Final comments (PDF 82KB)
Clarifying statement - The Hon Alan Cadman MP, Mrs Trish Draper MP, Mr Peter Dutton MP, Mr Chris Pearce MP, and Mr Barry Wakelin MP (PDF 13KB)
Dissenting report - The Hon Graham Edwards MP and Mrs Julia Irwin MP (PDF 56KB)
Dissenting report - Mr Harry Quick MP (PDF 11KB)
Dissenting remarks - Ms Jennie George MP (PDF 15KB)
Appendix A - List of submissions (PDF 38KB)
Appendix B - List of exhibits (PDF 34KB)
Appendix C - Public hearings, roundtable, informal consultations & visits (PDF 39KB)
Copy of Figure 2.1, Table 5.1 and Figure 8.1 (PDF 185KB)

Click here for a consolidated copy of the report (PDF 1888KB).

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