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On Monday 2 June 2003 the Employment and Workplace Relations Committee tabled its report on the Australian workers' compensation schemes.

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Full Report    (PDF 1,394KB)

Individual Chapters:
Front Pages (PDF 123KB) Contents, Foreword, Membership of the Committee, Terms of Reference, List of Abbreviations, List of Recommendations, Executive Summary
Chapter 1 (PDF 38KB) Introduction
Chapter 2 (PDF 101KB) Background
Chapter 3 (PDF 254KB) Incidence and cost of fraudulent claims
Chapter 4 (PDF 273KB) Workers' compensation schemes: issues and practice
Chapter 5 (PDF 95KB) Fraud detection and elimination
Chapter 6 (PDF 129KB) Safety records and claims profiles
Chapter 7 (PDF 169KB) Rehabilitation programs and benefits
Chapter 8 (PDF 167KB) Conclusions
Appendix A (PDF 16KB) Conduct of the inquiry
Appendix B (PDF 20KB) Submissions
Appendix C (PDF 40KB) Exhibits
Appendix D (PDF 26KB) Witnesses

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