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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 196 submissions in the following list.

  1. Sanders, Ms Pamela (PDF 204KB)
  2. Mummery, P & A (PDF 1282KB)
  3. Koshy, Mr George (PDF 1171KB)
  4. McKenna, Mr Colin (PDF 947KB)
  5. Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems Australian National University (PDF 2419KB)
  6. Canberra Environment Centre (PDF 4973KB)
  7. City of Swan (PDF 618KB)
  8. Smithson Planning (PDF 1996KB)
  9. Ventura Bus Lines Pty Ltd (PDF 1571KB)
  10. Olsson, Ms Beverley (PDF 447KB)
  11. Fremantle Ports (PDF 413KB)
  12. Davis, Ms Dianne (PDF 2069KB)
  13. Electricity Supply Association of Australia (PDF 784KB)
  14. Woodberry, SL & L Y (PDF 12304KB)
  15. Sustainable Gardening Australia (PDF 19KB)
  16. Smith, Mr Laurel (PDF 462KB)
  17. Landmatters Pty Ltd (PDF 2287KB)
  18. Central Sydney Area Health Service, Health Promotion Unit (PDF 2992KB)
  19. Australian Institute of Landscapr Architects (PDF 1052KB)
  20. Shoalhaven City Council (PDF 1727KB)
  21. Northern Sub-Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF 686KB)
  22. Alexandra and Associates (PDF 2616KB)
  23. Save Our Suburbs NSW Inc (PDF 457KB)
  24. Vinyl Council of Australia (PDF 677KB)
  25. Ness, Dr David (PDF 42KB)
  26. Hocking, Mr Gordon (PDF 489KB)
  27. Integrating Sustainability (PDF 5657KB)
  28. Landscape Committee of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) (PDF 20KB)
  29. City of Darebin (PDF 270KB)
  30. McNeilly, Mr Tom (PDF 1973KB)
  31. Cunningham, Ms Susan (PDF 23KB)
  32. Middle Way Pty Ltd (PDF 137KB)
  33. Mills, Mr Peter (PDF 13KB)
  34. Samuels, Mr Robert (PDF 137KB)
  35. Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (PDF 57KB)
  36. Du Plessis, Mr Louis A (PDF 26KB)
  37. Aumann, Mr Richard (PDF 59KB)
  38. West, Ms Sarah (PDF 15KB)
  39. Thomas, Michael and Robyn
  40. City of Port Phillip (PDF 125KB)
  41. University of NSW Faculty of the Built Environment (PDF 61KB)
  42. Total Environment Centre (PDF 26KB)
  43. National Museum of Australia (PDF 41KB)
  44. Australian Conservation Foundation (Sydney Branch) (PDF 44KB)
  45. Grzic, Mr Warren (PDF 22KB)
  46. International Association of Public Transport (PDF 50KB)
  47. Healthy Cities Illawara (PDF 21KB)
  48. Gold Cost City Council (PDF 675KB)
  49. Sustainable Population Australia (PDF 68KB)
  50. National Trust of Australia (NSW) (PDF 624KB)
  51. Hickinbotham Group (PDF 2845KB)
  52. Crabtree, Ms Louise (PDF 22KB)
  53. Clay Brick and Paver Association of Victoria (PDF 6949KB)
  54. Bicycle NSW (PDF 20KB)
  55. Coast and Wetlands Society Inc. (PDF 51KB)
  56. Puglisi, Mr A (Len) (PDF 34KB)
  57. City of Playford (PDF 22KB)
  58. Walsh, Mr Christopher (PDF 24KB)
  59. Foley, Ms Bernadette and Daniell, Mr Trevor (PDF 111KB)
  60. South East QLD Organisation of Councils (SEQROC) (PDF 282KB)
  61. Cardinia Shire Council (PDF 189KB)
  62. Perth Area Consultative Committee (PDF 137KB)
  63. Urban Ecology Australia (PDF 24KB)
  64. Fisher, A/Professor Frank (PDF 12KB)
  65. Ouma-Machio, Mr Daniel (PDF 31KB)
  66. Delfin Lend Lease (PDF 112KB)
  67. Kilby, Mr James (PDF 87KB)
  68. Ellis, Ms Maree (PDF 20KB)
  69. Nilsson, Mr Tomas (PDF 14KB)
  70. Australian Bicycle Council (PDF 57KB)
  71. Lend Lease (PDF 607KB)
  72. International Council for Local Environment Initiatives (PDF 2925KB)
  73. The Warren Centre (PDF 1912KB)
  74. Low, Professor Nicholas (PDF 940KB)
  75. Raising Community Awareness about the health effects of Burning Wood in Residential Areas (CABRA) (PDF 2407KB)
  76. Inglis, Mr Andrew (PDF 4451KB)
  77. Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc (PDF 3012KB)
  78. Errey, Mr Tom (PDF 2607KB)
  79. Integral Design Group (PDF 2136KB)
  80. Peak Environmental Enterprises (PDF 2268KB)
  81. Gecko Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council (PDF 192KB)
  82. Australasian Railway Association Inc (PDF 464KB)
  83. Local Government Association of QLD Inc (PDF 3737KB)
  84. University of NSW - Centre for Photovoltaic Engineering (PDF 20KB)
  85. Lillis, Mr James (PDF 321KB)
  86. Jones, Mr Keith (PDF 7KB)
  87. STEP Inc (PDF 71KB)
  88. EcoDemocrats (PDF 50KB)
  89. WA Government, WA Sustainable Energy Development Office (PDF 97KB)
  90. Brown, Professor Valerie (PDF 120KB)
  91. CSIRO (PDF 201KB)
  92. Environment Business Australia (PDF 74KB)
  93. CRC for Construction Innovation (PDF 523KB)
  94. Greenfleet Australia (PDF 26KB)
  95. Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd (PDF 392KB)
  96. Gray, Associate Professor Ian and Lawrence, Professor Geoffrey (PDF 13KB)
  97. Bus Industry Confederation (PDF 1015KB)
  98. Regional Cities Victoria (PDF 57KB)
  99. Manly Council (PDF 738KB)
  100. Cox, Mr Daryl (PDF 1062KB)
  101. Bayside City Council (PDF 3082KB)
  102. McMichael, Professor A J (PDF 10901KB)
  103. Engineers Australia (PDF 39KB)
  104. Mornington Peninsula Shire (PDF 144KB)
  105. Plantation Pine Framing Alliance (PDF 46KB)
  106. Western Sydney Area Health Service (PDF 28KB)
  107. Kenworthy, Dr Jeff (PDF 630KB)
  108. Gordon, Ms Suzanne (PDF 806KB)
  109. City of Melbourne (PDF 109KB)
  110. Advocates for Clean Air (PDF 2846KB)
  111. Australian Community Foods (PDF 129KB)
  112. Australian Water Association (PDF 129KB)
  113. University of Western Sydney Urban Frontiers Program (PDF 133KB)
  114. Shore Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF 152KB)
  115. Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF 99KB)
  116. Renewable Energy Generators of Australia (PDF 23KB)
  117. RoundTable Renewable and Sustainable Energy (PDF 208KB)
  118. Leichhardt Council (PDF 35KB)
  119. Urban Agriculture Network (PDF 8217KB)
  120. Tidswell, Mr Andrew (PDF 25KB)
  121. Australian Automobile Association (PDF 1984KB)
  122. Housing Industry Association (PDF 91KB)
  123. Hampbel, Dr Bill and Rimington, Ms Mary (PDF 89KB)
  124. Hornsby Council (PDF 31KB)
  125. Australian Trucking Association (PDF 85KB)
  126. Central Coast Community Environment Network (PDF 23KB)
  127. Rodger, Professor Allan (PDF 95KB)
  128. South Australian Government (PDF 953KB)
  129. Master Builders Association (PDF 5381KB)
  130. City of Mandura (PDF 2105KB)
  131. Brisbane City Council (PDF 9753KB)
  132. Stilwell, Professor Frank (PDF 4442KB)
  133. Cycle-Safe and the Armidale Air Quality Group (PDF 39KB)
  134. Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy (PDF 1397KB)
  135. Urban Bushland Council of WA (PDF 19KB)
  136. Australian Council of National Trusts (PDF 65KB)
  137. Nillumbik Shire Council (PDF 22884KB)
  138. Development Assessment Forum (PDF 3939KB)
  139. Conservation Council of WA (PDF 3528KB)
  140. Department of Transport and Regional Services (PDF 6948KB)
  141. WA Collaboration (PDF 127KB)
  142. Brisban Institute (PDF 58KB)
  143. Origin Energy (PDF 1416KB)
  144. National Capital Authority (PDF 69KB)
  145. Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 20KB)
  146. Interface Councils (PDF 6661KB)
  147. City of Newcastle (PDF 6183KB)
  148. Sustainable Transport Coalition of WA (PDF 70KB)
  149. Water Services Association of Australia (PDF 158KB)
  150. Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF 192KB)
  151. Committee for Sydney (PDF 44KB)
  152. Lane Cove Council (PDF 33KB)
  153. Hunter Environment Lobby (PDF 777KB)
  154. ACT Government (PDF 59KB)
  155. Toowoomba City Council (PDF 662KB)
  156. Victorian Government (PDF 12506KB)
  157. Department of the Environment and Heritage (PDF 221KB)
  158. Urban Development Institute of Australia (PDF 1250KB)
  159. Royal Australian Institute of Architects (PDF 250KB)
  160. Blue Mountains Commuter & Transport Users Association (PDF 839KB)
  161. Townsville City Council (PDF 215KB)
  162. Australian Conservation Foundation and Environment Victoria (PDF 130KB)
  163. Cooperative Research Centre for Landscape Environments and Mineral Exploration (PDF 31KB)
  164. Black, Ms Margot (PDF 21KB)
  165. Australian Building Codes Board (PDF 765KB)
  166. Railway Technical Society of Australasia (PDF 4764KB)
  167. Bicycle Federation of Australia (PDF 500KB)
  168. Planning Institute of Australia (PDF 3147KB)
  169. South Sydney Development Corporation (PDF 1188KB)
  170. Supplementary to submission 113:
    University of Western Sydney Urban Frontiers Program (PDF 1482KB)
  171. International Association of Public Transport (PDF 12379KB)
  172. Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (PDF 186KB)
  173. Western Australian Government (PDF 867KB)

  174. WA Government: Attachment 1 (PDF 239KB)
    WA Government: Attachment 2 (PDF 195KB)
    WA Government: Attachment 3 (PDF 37KB)
    WA Government: Attachment 4 (PDF 11KB)

  175. Australian Farmers Markets Association (PDF 37KB)
  176. TecEco Pty Ltd (PDF 1085KB)
  177. Parker, Mr Alan (PDF 8419KB)
  178. Supplementary to submission 81:
    Gecko Gold Coast and Hinterland Evnironmental Council (PDF 1762KB)
  179. Supplementary to submission 119:
    Urban Agriculture Network (PDF 4721KB)
  180. Supplementary to submission 19 and 172:
    Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (PDF 175KB)
  181. Supplementary to submission 81 and 177:
    Gecko Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council (PDF 18KB)
  182. Andersson, Mr Michael (PDF 237KB)
  183. City of Onkaparinga (PDF 184KB)
  184. Olmos, Mr Martin (PDF 37KB)
  185. Bruzgulis, Mr Maris (PDF 12KB)
  186. Supplementary to submission 158:
    Urban Development Institute of Australia (PDF 296KB)
  187. Supplementary to submission 166:
    Railway Technical Society of Australasia (PDF 434KB)
  188. Committee for Melbourne (PDF 2892KB)
  189. Supplementary to submission 166 and 186:
    Railway Technical Society of Australasia (PDF 1021KB)
  190. Laird, Mr Martin (PDF 312KB)
  191. Association for the Advancement of Sustainable Materials in Construction (PDF 4377KB)
  192. Australian Council for Infrastructure Development (PDF 1982KB)
  193. Supplementary to submission 135:
    Urban Bushland Council of WA (PDF 413KB)
  194. Supplementary to submission 135:
    Conservation Council of WA (PDF 661KB)
  195. Supplementary to submission 148:
    Sustainable Transport Coalition of WA (PDF 1879KB)
  196. GRD Limited (PDF 62KB)
  197. Save Our Suburbs - Adelaide Inc (PDF 710KB)

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