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Standing Committee on Economics, Finance and Public Administration

Review of the ANAO audit report No. 37 1998-99 on the management of Tax File Numbers


Listed below are the submissions for the review of the ANAO audit report No. 37 1998-99 on the management of Tax File Numbers that the Committee has received and which the Committee has authorised for publication. Submissions that are available electronically are underlined.

To view or print these submissions, you will require the Acrobat PDF reader ®, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

No. Received from
1 Ms L Mackenzie (PDF format 12KB)
2 Mr W Muirhead (PDF format 9KB)
3 Mr N Deane (PDF format 11KB)
4 ---
5 M/- V Kandiah (PDF format 7KB)
6 Australian Institute of Criminology (PDF format 32KB)
7 Confidential
8 Mr P O'Connell (PDF format 9KB)
9 Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (PDF format 4KB)
10 Australian Bankers' Association (PDF format 22KB)
11 M/- F Clarke (PDF format 8KB)
12 Confidential
13 Timbury Ridhalgh Pty Limited (PDF format 9KB)
14 Taxation Institute of Australia (PDF format 25KB)
15 NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (PDF format 15KB)
16 Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF format 41KB)
17 Australian Taxation Office (PDF format 98KB)
18 International Student Advisers Network Australia (PDF format 15KB)
19 Federal Privacy Commissioner (PDF format 174KB)
20 Mr Ian Johnston (PDF format 71KB)
21 Department of Family and Community Services (PDF format 35KB)
22 Department of Veterans' Affairs (PDF format 7KB)
23 Australian Taxation Office (PDF format 13KB) (supplementary submission)
24 Child Support Agency (PDF format 21KB)
25 Confidential
26 Mr P Baker (PDF format 40KB)
27 Mr C Thompson MP (PDF format 20KB)
28 Mr C R Hingee (PDF format 16KB)
29 Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (PDF format 4KB)
30 Australian Taxation Office (PDF format 26KB) (supplementary submission)
31 National Crime Authority (PDF format 9KB)
32 Confidential
33 Confidential
34 Confidential
35 The Treasury (PDF format 11KB)
36 Department of Health and Aged Care (PDF format 14KB)
37 Australian Taxation Office (PDF format 21KB) (supplementary submission)
38 National Crime Authority (PDF format 14KB) (supplementary submission)
39 Australian Electoral Commission (PDF format 23KB)

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