House of Representatives Committees

Standing Committee on Economics, Finance and Public Administration

Alternative means of providing banking and like services in regional Australia

Terms Of Reference

On 28 October 1997 the Treasurer, the Hon Peter Costello MP, asked the Committee to inquire into:

alternative means of providing banking and like services in regional and remote Australia to those currently delivered through the traditional bank branch network.

Following the 1998 federal election, the inquiry was re - referred by the Treasurer with the same terms of reference.

The inquiry has focussed on how individuals and small businesses in regional Australia will access banking and like services in the future, given that the rationalisation of the traditional bank branch network is forecast to continue. The Committee's deliberations have also extended to Recommendation 96 of the Wallis Report (that governments expedite "the examination of alternative means of providing low-cost transaction services for remote areas and for recipients of social security and other transfer payments"). The inquiry has not examined the provision of investment services, superannuation or insurance.

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