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Inquiry into aspects of the National Competition Policy Reform Package

The Committee tabled its report Cultivating competition in June 1997. Copies of the full report are available in PDF format (296KB) or from the Committee Secretariat.

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Transcripts of public hearings

09/10/95 Melbourne
11/10/95 Sydney
26/10/95 Canberra
10/11/95 Brisbane
23/11/95 Canberra
30/11/95 Canberra


Government response to the Committee's report was tabled on 26 May 1998.

Table of contents of report: Cultivating competition


Members of the Committee in the 38th Parliament

Members of the Committee in the 37th Parliament

Terms of Reference: 38th Parliament

Terms of Reference: 37th Parliament

Acronyms and abbreviations

List of recommendations

Public interest test
Community service obligations
Implications for the efficient delivery of services by local government
Related issues
Chapter One: Introduction

The policy
Inquiry into National Competition Policy
Structure of the report
Chapter Two: Public interest test

Interpretation of 'public interest' in the CPA
Application of the 'test'
Competitive neutrality policy and principles
Competitive neutrality policy statements
Structural reform of public monopolies
Legislation review
Legislation review timetable
Chapter Three: Community service obligations

Interpretation of CSOs in the CPA
Identification of CSOs
Costing of CSOs
CSOs and welfare payments
Options for funding
Options for delivery
Reporting and monitoring
Overall conclusion
Chapter Four: Implications for efficient delivery of services by local government

Scope of implications for local government
Clause 7 statements
Ongoing concerns
Anomalies in exemptions of business activities from the Trade Practices Act
Practicalities of 'public interest' testing
Significant business activities
Taxes and tax equivalents
Community service obligations
Safeguards for rural and remote communities
Competition Payments and the status of Financial Assistance Grants
Competitive tendering
Monitoring performance
Chapter Five: Related issues

National Competition Council
Competition Payments and Financial Assistance Grants
Public education
Overall assessment
Dissenting report

Appendix 1: List of submissions

Appendix 2: List of exhibits

Appendix 3: List of hearings and witnesses

Appendix 4: Estimated benefits of Hilmer and related reforms (per cent of GDP)

Appendix 5: Competition policy documents

Competitive neutrality statements
Legislation review statements
Local government statements
Community service obligations
Appendix 6: Inter-governmental agreements


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