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Inquiry into the state of Australia's manufactured export and import competing base now and beyond the resources boom

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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 50 submissions in the following list.

  1. Mr Bill Hartigan (PDF 19KB)
  2. Mr Ted Roach (PDF 248KB)
  3. Northern Territory Government (PDF 332KB)
  4. Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited (PDF 98KB)
  5. RMIT University (PDF 43KB)
  6. Industry Capability Network Limited (PDF 72KB)
  7. Science Industry Australia Inc. (PDF 926KB)
  8. Geelong and Region Trades and Labour Council (PDF 32KB)
  9. Australian Steel Institute (PDF 292KB)
  10. QMI Solutions Limited (PDF 18KB)
  11. Standards Australia (PDF 282KB)
  12. Australian Sugar Miling Council (PDF 44KB)
  13. Mr Tony Strasser (PDF 37KB)
  14. Australian Plantation Products and Paper Industry Council (PDF 239KB)
  15. Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (PDF 47KB)
  16. The Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (PDF 69KB)
  17. Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia Limited (PDF 955KB)
  18. Australian Trade commission (Austrade) (PDF 296KB)
  19. Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association Limited (PDF 359KB)
  20. University of South Australia (PDF 230KB)
  21. The Treasury (PDF 308KB)
  22. Australian Council of Wool Exporters and Processors (PDF 608KB)
  23. Department of Transport and Regional Services (PDF 739KB)
  24. Blakemore Consulting International (PDF 262KB)
  25. Geelong Manufacturing Council (PDF 248KB)
  26. South Australian Government (PDF 558KB)
  27. Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 726KB)
  28. Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Western Australia (PDF 638KB)
  29. Inbye Mining Services Pty Ltd(PDF 937KB)
  30. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (PDF 420KB)
  31. Department of Industry Tourism and Resources (PDF 547KB)
  32. Confidential
  33. Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 1153KB)
  34. Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (PDF 719KB)
  35. Supplementary to submission 5
    RMIT University (PDF 191KB)
  36. Australian Industry Group (PDF 213KB)
  37. Tasmanian Government (PDF 209KB)
  38. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 477KB)
  39. BlueScope Steel Limited(PDF 688KB)
  40. Victorian Government (PDF 502KB)
  41. TAFE NSW (PDF 231KB)
  42. Supplementary to submission 27
    Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 2675KB)
  43. Supplementary to submission 22
    Australian Council of Wool Exporters and Processors (PDF 89KB)
  44. Supplementary to submission 19
    Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (PDF 646KB)
  45. Supplementary to submission 42
    Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 1328KB)
  46. Supplementary to submission 31
    Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources (PDF 714KB)
  47. NEC Australia (PDF 4845KB)
  48. Department of Education, Science and Training (PDF 106KB)
  49. Department of Education, Science and Training (PDF 104KB)
  50. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (PDF 620KB)

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